How to Make Your Witch’s Ladder

The witch’s’ ladder is a magical tool, used by the ancient sorcerers in England, and currently, it is a common tool for Pagans. Commonly made of natural materials, the witch’s ladder is similar to the Tibetan japamalas and the Catholic rosaries, in the sense that it allows the user to keep track of certain events (prayers, mantras , spells). Unlike the other two spiritual instruments mentioned, the witch’s ladder must be made by its owner for it to be very powerful.

The witch’s ladder is used as a means of connection to the magical world especially for the purpose of sealing spells as well as to knot the wishes made. The charms are knotted or braided with the specific magical intent on the strings. The number of knots and the nature of the enchantments varies according to the desired effect. It can be used as a tool for meditation in which different colors are used according to our intentions.

A Brief History Of The Witch’s Ladder

The first recorded Witch’s Ladder was found in an old demolished house in Wellington. Six brooms, an old armchair and a rope with feathers woven into it were found in the space separating the ceiling of the upper room and it was inaccessible from inside the house. Due to the investigations of local antique dealers, the finding was published by Dr. Abraham Colles for the Folk-Lore magazine in 1887.

Traditionally the witch’s ladder was made with red, black and white thread and nine feathers of different colors. An example of a modern witch’s ladder is a chain of 40 beads or a rope with 40 knots. Sometimes, feathers, bones and other stones are braided into a rope to represent or aid the spells.

How to Make Your Witch’s Ladder

To make a witch ladder, use three threads of different colors that are braided together, the colors depend on the purpose of the spell. The chain or rope can be made from almost any material, but natural fibers such as hair, wool, hemp and cotton are preferred, in which the feathers of birds are tied.

The feathers have magical properties that are determined by their color or the nature of the birds which they are gotten from. To spice up the charge in your witch’s ladder, you can add small pieces of tree bark according to its relationship to your intentions.

For example; you can add:

Birch: for protection, fertility, new beginnings

Almond: for money, business

Hazel: for marriage, reconciliation

Cedar: for longevity

Eucalyptus: for healing

Fig: for strength, fertility

Orange: for love, marriage

Olive: for security, fidelity

Pine: for purification, fortune

Oak: for any kind of wishes

The colors of the feathers will depend on the type of magic you are working on. Examples include:

+ WHITE Feathers symbolize the purification, spirituality, hope, protection, peace and blessings of the Moon.

+ RED Feathers symbolize physical vitality, courage, good fortune and life.

+ BLUE Feathers give mental ability, peace and protection. They also aid psychic consciousness.

+ YELLOW Feathers give joy, mental agility, prosperity and the blessings of the sun.

+ GREEN feathers symbolize money, prosperity, growth, health and fertility.

Mixed green and red feathers affect financial matters.

+ORANGE feathers bring attraction, energy and success.

+ PINK feathers attract love.

+ GRAY feathers symbolize peace and neutrality.

+ BROWN feathers give stability and respect. They also symbolize home and earth.

– Brown feather with black stripes, like the feathers of a pheasant, give a balance between physical and spiritual life.

– Brown feather mixed with white gives the kind of protection that allows one to go unnoticed in the midst of those who would hurt them.

+ BLACK feathers give the mystical wisdom that comes with spiritual initiation.

-Black (or gray) feathers mixed with white give hope, balance and harmony.

-Black mixed with violet means a deep spirituality.

-Black, white and blue, (mixed feathers) bring change.

The “eye” at the end of the feather of the peacock’s tail protects against the “evil eye” and stimulates the inner clairvoyant vision

The Witches Ladder Spell

After you have outlined your intentions, you can pick up some feathers that are related to your intentions. Get three ribbons, each 3 to 9 feet long. Select some other elements such as hair, stones, charms crystal, etc… that you might want to add to your ladder. Choose a number significant to your intention but it shouldn’t be more than 40.

Take some time to meditate on your intention and visualize that your requests have been granted already. Line up your three strands. Tie a knot at the top and make a loop. Envision that this knot ‘binds’ your intent to your charm here, and know that the spell is begun.

Begin weaving the Witches ladder, stopping often to add a feather, twig, charm and a knot.

“With the first knot, the spell I start,

With the second knot, it will be made sure,

With the third knot, I get what I want,

With the fourth knot, the power I keep,

With the fifth knot, I give life to the spell,

With the sixth knot, I affirm that I already have it,

With the seventh knot, It will happen what I ask,

With the eighth knot, the destiny I bind,

With the ninth knot, the spell is done. “

You can recite this traditional song during the process: 

Finishing the witches ladder spells.

While knitting, keep a single amulet to put at the end of your ladder. Add it when you get to the last knot. Some people like to connect the two ends and join them with the last amulet.

At that moment, you can seal the spell by pulling the knot tightly and saying:

” It will be like that!” Or “That will be done!”

Now you can hang your witch ladder somewhere and let your power work. If you are working on a long-term goal, use it to meditate on your intention periodically.

For Beltane spells, you can use this song:

Wandering in the deep of the night

A thousand birds take flight

And our dreams are born

On the wings of change

We are weaving the world tonight.

This is a very simple song that helps to keep you focused while knitting your Witches Ladder but note that you can always use any other song that you prefer. 

If you want to use it for healing purpose, you have to untie and release the elements of the knots in this way;  release the knots one at a time (one per day) for nine consecutive days. Unleash them in the same order in which they were tied. As the knots are released the energy that has been set is released and used for the purpose for which the ladder is made. In the end you can bury or keep the objects (feathers stones, seeds, shells) in a safe place.

Some Suggested Elements to Add to Your Witch’s Ladder include;

•             Hair: You can add your hair (or the hair of the person for whom you are casting the spell) in the fabric. Some strands will work well.

•             Feathers: This is the most traditional element used. If you choose natural feathers, choose bird feathers that align with your intention. For example, pigeons are symbols of peace. The blue jays are associated with greater knowledge, the crows are a symbol of transformation.

•             Stones/Pearls: Crystals, minerals and rocks are excellent if they are small. You can look for a way to tie it to the ladder.

•             Charms: Use jewelry amulets that represent symbols (hearts, peace signs, staves) or animals that are in line with your intention (for example, a rabbit spell for a pregnancy fertility spell or a wolf for protection spells) .

•             Herbs, trees or flowers: simply knit a sprig of fresh or dried herbs on your ladder or use a small twig from an appropriate tree. You can also weave a fresh or dried flower, although they can make your ladder very fragile.


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