How To Control A Person’s Mind Using Black Magic

Have you ever wished you had the power to control the people around you and make them do whatsoever you tell them? There are many ways to manipulate an individual’s mind. In the ancient time, hypnosis was a common method used. But today, with the help of black and white magic, you can gain access into a person’s mind and control him/her.

In today’s article, we shall look at different black magic spells that can be used to control a person’s mind. If you perform these spells on your partner, then be rest assured that he/she will obey your voice and never do anything that would hurt you. You can also perform these spells to make your business transactions work in your favor.

Ritual One:

Mind Control Spell Using Half Moon

Items needed:

  • Eight candles
  • Photograph or any object belonging to the target


On a half-moon night, draw a magical circle which must be at least a foot in diameter.
Place a candle in each cardinal direction.
Place the target’s photograph in the center of the circle. Before you light the candles recite:

Spirit guides, connect my ethereal cord with [name of the person].
Let us converge like the Moon’s light and darkness.
May we be one and the same in thought and spirit.

Light the candles using a lighter or matches. Once the light has filled the room, stand in front of the circle of candles. Gaze intensely at the photograph and imagine that he/she can psychically feel you at the moment.

Whisper his/her name for 30 times in a row while focusing on the image. Imagine that your target shall obey all your words.
To end the ritual, close the doors to the spirit world that you have opened then say this prayer:

May my mind and soul become one with [Name]’s mind.
When I walk, they will walk with me.
When I speak about apples, they will taste their sweetness.
When I feel melancholy or love, their heart will respond in kind.
I thank you, spirit guides, for helping me.
May you make the cord between me and [Name] strong like the chains of a prisoner.

Turn off the candles light and keep them overnight along with your subject’s picture.

While you go to bed, continue to meditate on your intention and if your ritual turns out successful then your target would be under your control by sunrise.


Sometimes the results of this ritual can be very powerful thus making the target totally dependent on the spell caster. At any point when you feel that you can no longer handle the effects of the spell, then you can set the target’s free by burning the photograph in a pit.

Recite the following lines during the process:

We are no longer two as one.

I am myself and you are yourself.

Your mind is now again your own.

Ritual Two:

Black Magic Control Spell

Items Needed:

  • Any item that the person has touched or a lock of their hair
  • Twine
  • Piece of Paper and Pen
  • 3 green candles
  • Picture of the person you want to control
  • 3 pins
  • Whiskey
  • Yams
  • Quartz Crystal
  • Milk
  • Rain Water
  • Mangos


Ritual Day: Tuesday

  • Write down the name of your target on the piece of paper.
  • Fold up the photograph for 3 or 7 times then put it on the paper.
  • Add the lock of hair or a personal item of your target.
  • Fold up the paper to form a package then tie it with the twine. Ensure that you meditate on your wishes during this process. This package would represent your target.
  • You will need to call upon Loa Simbi for assistance. So create an altar for this Loa and decorate it with his favorite offerings.
  • On this altar, place the candles close to each other and place the package too.
  • Light one of the green colored candles and summon Simbi for assistance.
  • Meditate on your desire to control your target.
  • Take a pin in your right hand and with your thoughts focused on your intentions, stick it into the green candle.
  • While the first candle is burning, light up the second green candle then repeat the process of mediation and visualization.
  • Repeat this process until the three candles are lit and have pins on them.
  • Allow all the candles to burn out completely then pack up all the offerings and candle remnants and discard into a river, lake or ocean.

Thank Loa Simbi for his assistance then wait for the manifestation of your requests.


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