How to Practice Automatic Writing

Automatic writing or psychography is a process that enables a writer to produce written words without consciously writing. This form of writing is different from free writing. During the act, the conscious mind of the writer steps to the background while the individual’s spirit guide steps forward to dictate the words that are written down.

Between late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century, scientists, performed different experiments using mediums. The goal was to understand the mechanism behind this process.  Some of them concluded that automatic writing occurs as a result of the ideomotor effect, and the written words arise from the subconscious, supernatural, or spiritual source. In the book titled The New Revelation (1918), Arthur Conan Doyle wrote that automatic writing occurs either by the writer’s subconscious or by external spirits operating through the writer. While some researchers are of the opinion that automatic writing involves a spirit, some psychical researchers such as Thomson Jay Hudson claimed that spirits are not involved in automatic writing, and the subconscious mind is the explanation.

According to a study done in 2012, the cerebral cortex is usually active during normal writing but slows down during automatic writing. One interesting fact about this is that you can do it for a prolonged period without getting tired. There are two groups of automatic writers. The first group is usually unaware of what they are writing until they read the information afterward. The second group gets ideas that relate to what their hand is writing as they write.

Automatic writing is an effective divinatory tool. Those who practice it don’t only tap into their subconscious but into other planes. The messages received could be in words, numbers, random letters, or symbols, which might seem abstract and difficult to understand. Also, you may not like the messages from the Spirit.

Major Tools Used In Automatic Writing

Most people are able to perform automatic writing while holding a pen or pencil while others use planchette or an Ouija board. The planchette is placed on a sheet of paper that is taped to a table, then the operator rests his hands lightly on it. When the operator enters into a meditative state, his subconscious mind causes the planchette to move and produce words and shapes on the paper.  In recent times, some individuals would rather use the keyboard instead of a pen and paper. What they do is to place their hands on the keyboards and let the spirit control what they type.

In China and Hong Kong, automatic writing is called Fu Kay. The Fu Kay is made with a shallow box that contains sand or sawdust. The medium uses a stick made from willow to answer the questions asked.  Most of the people believe that the answers come from Lao Tzu, a deity in religious Taoism.

How to Perform Automatic Writing

  • Choose a comfortable location free from disturbances.
  • Set up the items you will need. At least your pen and a large sheet of paper.
  • Sit down and hold the pen. If you are working with a planchette, gently rest your middle three fingers on it.
  • Breathe in and out slowly to get into a relaxed state.
  • Clear your thoughts and be focused on the task at hand.
  • Start meditating for about five to ten minutes.
  • Ask for help from your spirit guide or any other spirit you are working with.
  • Pray for protection, inspiration, and clarity.
  • Ask a question, and while you are in a deep meditative state, take your pen and start writing.

Do not have any expectation about the information that will come to you. Allow the Spirit to direct the flow instead of your brain. Pay no attention to whatsoever your writing hand is doing; otherwise, you will lose contact.

Don’t edit, control, or judge while the writing is still ongoing. When you are done, set your writing aside for at least an hour before you look at what you have written.


Automatic writing is a personal and spiritual experience. Sometimes, the writing may be difficult to read or interpret, and you may need another person to interpret it for you. We have automatic writers that are gifted with the ability to write, read, and understand such messages.

On your first attempt, your pencil might not move at all, and you might get disappointed at your results. Just know that most people don’t get it right at the first attempt, so keep trying. You need to be patient and have faith.

In summary, always keep your sessions short. I would suggest that you don’t practice for more than 30 minutes at a time or more than once in a week.  The important thing is that this skill connects you to a Spirit and enhances your intuition.


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