The power of singing bowls

The harmonies created by Himalayan singing bowls are used to wash space. Ideally, the goal is to achieve a perfect balance of yin and yang energies. This method is particularly beneficial before ritual. It has a soothing effect on participants as well: beyond cleansing, it is also used to balance and harmonize energies—excellent for the initiation of group ritual.

The singing bowl is a round metal bowl made in varying sizes. It is portable, so that it may be carried directly to any area needing cleansing. Traditionally, the finest singing bowls are crafted in Nepal from seven metals: gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, lead, and zinc. Each metal corresponds to one of the seven visible planets and thus incorporates its energies and blessings.

A small wooden mallet is used to tap the bowl, typically three times for maximum effect. Different sounds are produced depending upon whether the bowl is tapped, rubbed, or hit. Try using your fingernail or the tips of your fingers instead of the mallet.

Adding varying amounts of water to the bowl also alters the sound. Experiment. Find the sounds that please you, that literally resonate with you. Harmonize the sound of the bowl with your own ears and intuition to achieve the correct sound for your purpose and space.

  1. Place a small cushion beneath the bowl as it’s carried. A round cushion is traditional. This is not merely a formality: the cushion improves the sound, lengthening the tone.
  2. Walk with the bowl, directing the sound as needed.
  3. Strike it, letting its sound reverberate and radiate.

TIP – For heavy-duty cleansing, place the bowl on its cushion on a table in the center of a room.

Like any other occult tool, given the opportunity, an individual singing bowl can develop a rapport with an individual person. A fine singing bowl is an exceptionally receptive tool.

It will become attuned to anyone in frequent contact with it. Store the bowl in soft, heavy fabric such as velvet when not in use. Singing bowls improve with age, becoming more powerful with frequent use.

Singing bowls are also used for empowering, energizing, and replenishing space following any kind of space cleansing.


Other uses for Singing Bowls

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