Introduction to Knots and Cords Magick

Knot magick has been in existence for centuries. Ancient shamans and witches practiced this form of magick. Who would have ever thought that a piece of knotted rope could create changes in the physical world? Actually, the power comes from your mind (intention) and not from the rope.

In the early days, various knots were linked to supernatural powers and magic. For example, in Mexico, if a person is sick, Aztecs priests consult the gods to know if the individual would die or recover. They do so by throwing a bunch of short cords tied together onto the ground. If the cords are bunched together, the person will die, but if they are opened out, he will live.

Knots are also used in love magic to either bind two lovers or to counteract love and inspire hate.

Choosing a Suitable Material

Most practitioners say that the cords should be made with natural materials like cotton or wool. Moreover, you can make a cord from a ribbon, twine, piece of clothing, yarn, rope, floss, thread, shoestrings, etc. Use anything that you can comfortably tie and untie

Cords are used for tying your desires in a series of knots. Usually, odd numbers such as 1,3,5,7 or 9 are used. When the knots are untied, the power of the spell is released. If the knot gets broken, so does the spell. While tying your knot, you can say whatever feels right or use the general chant which says:

By knot of one, (my spells began.)

By knot of two, (it shall come true.)

By knot of three, (it comes to be.)

By knot of four, (my spell is empowered even more)

By knot of five, (this spell is alive.)

By knot of six, (this spell is fixed.)

By knot of seven, (I invoke the powers of hell and heaven.)

By knot of eight, (may these knots seal (mention target’s name) fate.)

By knot of nine, ({person, place, thing, or idea—such as vengeance} will be mind!)”

Choosing Colors

When choosing cords, pick a color that matches your intention. For example,

White: Purification, protection, etc.

Brown: Friendship, neutrality, balance, etc.

Black: Protection, overcoming obstacles, binding, etc.

Blue: Inspiration, wisdom, patience, protection, calm, etc.

Green: Abundance, money, success, growth, etc.

Red: Energy, defense, passion, career, strength, etc.

Yellow: Healing, intelligence, memory, etc.

Orange: Justice, legal concerns, etc.

Silver: To dispel negativity, astral energy, intuition, etc.

Pink: Love, reconciliation, peace, caring, etc.

Purple: Psychic ability, progress, meditation,


Gold: Healing, prosperity, winning, attraction.


Knot Spell to Bind a Target

Best time to perform this spell: Waning Moon

Items needed:

  • 1 black cord (this color absorbs negative energy)
  • 1 black candle
  • A fireproof dish or saucepan


  • Cast your circle.
  • Light the black candle.
  • Hold the cord and think about the pain and agony the individual has caused you.
  • Visualize that the cord is being filled with your pain.
  • Tie nine knots and trap the negative feelings.
  • Do that while chanting the following words:

“(Mention the person’s name) I bind you,

You cannot hurt me.”

  • Light the cord with the flame from the candle then place it in the fireproof container.
  • As it burns, chant the following lines:

“As these knots burn away,

May you find a better way to vanquish your negativity,

And keep it far away from me.”

  • After the cord has burned completely, close the circle and thank the goddess.
  • Bury the ashes far away from your home.


Cord Spell for Healing

Six is a number that represents healing. This spell involves binding the illness to six knots. It should be done on a new moon.

Items needed:

  • 1 yellow or gold cord
  • A sealable container filled with salt


  • Cast your circle.
  • Visualize the illness as a dark shadow inside your body.
  • Imagine the shadow pouring out of your body and becoming bound by each knot.
  • As you tie each knot, chant:

“My sickness in this cord I bind.

Leave my body and my mind.

Through these knots, I bid you leave,

By these words, which I do weave.”

  • After tying the final knot, imagine the inflow of a bright white light entering into your body.
  • This healing light would cleanse your body and restore your health completely.
  • Place the cord into the container of salt.
  • Thank the goddess for assisting you during the spell.
  • Close the circle and end the spell.
  • Discard the container far away from your home.



If you decide to cancel a knot spell at any point, all you have to do is to cut the knot off the rope. Then sprinkle saltwater on it while affirming that you are canceling the spell.

Burn the knot, and while it burns, say,

“I withdraw the spell. If you had bound someone with the knot, you can say, “I set you free”.

Finally, be very sure of your intention before performing any knot spell because canceling it might be difficult sometimes.

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