Introduction to Magick

What is magick? Aleister Crowley defined magick as “the process of causing change in conformity with WILL.” It is spelled with a “k” to differentiate it from magic tricks that are easily performed by illusionists.

Magick is all about intentions, goals, and working with energies. There is a common phrase that says, “Thoughts create things.” It is based on that principle that magick works. If you can desire, imagine, meditate, think, or wish it, then you can have it. It can be performed for both good and bad purposes. The magickal path is meant to train our subconscious mind so that we can muse our brains’ capacity maximally. It is also designed to train the body and mind to feel and wield even the subtlest energies around.

Types of Magick

There are two main types of magick:

  • Theurgia and
  • Goetia

Theurgia, also known as “high magick” or “white magick,” is designed to align the Will of the mage with the Higher Will (godhead, the universe, etc.). The focus is on spiritually edifying the mage.

Goetia, also known as “practical magick,” “low magick,” or “black magick,” is designed to impact the environment with the Will of the mage; to affect worldly things for worldly purposes.

The Principles of Magick

Magick works on two principles, namely:

  • The principle of similarity (sympathetic magick)
  • The principle of contact (contagious magick)


Sympathetic magick works on the “like attracts like” principle, and it is one of the oldest forms of magick. Contagious magick works based on the principle that things that have been in contact will continue to act on each other even after the physical contact has been broken. In rituals, personal items of a target are used, and they work based on this principle.

Other Forms of Magick

  • Knot Magick or Binding Magick
  • Candle Magick
  • Color Magick
  • Crystal or Gemstone Magick
  • Representational Magick
  • Symbolic or Divination Magick
  • Moon Magick
  • Talismans or Amulet Magick
  • Herbal Magick
  • Voodoo Magick
  • Earth Magick
  • Dark Magick (black)
  • Chaos Magick
  • Faerie Magick
  • Demon Magick
  • Dragon Magick
  • Time Magick
  • Death Magick
  • Healing Magick
  • Ice Magick
  • Celestial Magick
  • Hell Magick
  • Shadow Magick
  • Animal Magick
  • Blood Magick
  • Star Magick
  • Luciferian Magick

What is Black Magick?

This is the most popular form of magick practiced all over the world. It comprises other forms of magick that have been mentioned above. It is performed by black witches and wizards.  In simple terms, black magick is “the process of causing change in conformity with our Will, against the Will of others; or against a specific person’s Will.” In this form of magick, most of the rituals performed are to harm an individual physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

Why Do People Practice Magick?

To change the reality:

In life, sometimes we are faced with situations that we don’t like, and magic is one of the ways through which we can change some of those situations. For example, through magic, a sick person can be healed; a poor man can be made rich, and a lonely individual can attract love. In each of those situations, the magician directs energy, which influences and transforms the individual’s reality.

To Protect:

We live in a world filled with evil, and the best thing anyone can do for themselves is to have a protective shield at all times. Magical rituals, amulets, talismans, etc. are used to create protective shields.

To Understand and See Beyond the Physical World:

How would you feel if you could foresee future occurrences before they happen? Magick brings out the divinatory ability in you. There are many tools that are used for divination. Examples are tarot cards, Ouija board, bones, pendulums, herbs, crystals, etc.

For Self Liberation

When an individual acquires the skill and knowledge of magick, he becomes liberated from restrictive beliefs that prevented him from discovering his inner flame. Luciferian magick teaches you to question everything and examine your deep-seated behaviors that are responsible for some of the problems in your life.

For Insight

Luciferian magick opens you to the insight of the Adversarial Current, Theurgy, Goetia, Witchcraft, and many others. You will learn how to assume the God form and work with the different deific mask of deities. Through magick, you would understand the different types of energy that exist and their connection between Nature and the Mind-Body-Spirit.

Magick refines your consciousness, strengthens you, and helps you to build your self-confidence.

Elemental Energies in Magick

There are five major phases of energy used in magick. They are:


It is the primary energy needed for expansion. Fire is commonly used for purification and defense purposes. It is visualized as red energy.


It is commonly used in healing, cleansing, regeneration, and movement. It is the universal force of contraction and is often visualized as blue energy.


It is visualized as yellow energy and serves as a force that reconciles Water and Fire. This energy is strong and can be used to either attract or repel something away from you.


It is visualized as green energy with regenerative capabilities. The Earth is a combination of Water, Fire, and Air; thus, it solidifies all physical manifestations.


This element is visualized as white energy and can be used for any purpose. It is also called Akasha. Most beginners find it difficult to control this energy.


Magick is a very broad art. On the practical level, it involves practices like divination, evocation, invocation, astral travel, sex magic, yoga, purification, necromancy and many others.

Do you want to develop your psychic awareness, make contact with spirits, and understand how spells really work? In magick, you will find answers and solutions to all your problems. Witches are limitless. While some practice several forms of magick, others prefer to stick to one or two forms. To become a successful witch, you must learn how to channel the different energies towards achieving your various intentions. As a beginner, you can start by learning how to perform simple spells before delving into dangerous spells. We are always here to assist you.  For thorough guidance, you can enroll in any of our witch training courses.

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