Easy Ways to Create Servitors

Did you know that you could create a spirit being out of your thoughts? We live in a world that is full of mystery, and an example is the possibility of creating energy beings called servitors.

What is a servitor? This refers to a thought form, an idea, energy, or a living being created by a magician to perform a particular function. In other words, a servitor is a mystic servant fashioned with your thoughts to fulfill your wishes.Have you ever imagined having an imaginary friend? A servitor can serve as both an imaginary friend and servant. The Tibetan people are terrific creators of servitors. They call these creatures Tulpa.

Energy exists everywhere, and servitors are created from reshaping the energy that exists around you. As long as you have a defined intention, will, and focus, then you can create one. If done in the right manner, your servitor can do great things beyond your imagination. Creating a servitor might not be easy, especially for beginners, but it is possible for those with the correct knowledge and persistence. In evocation sorcery, a Vampyre magician must have a proper foundation in banishing and absorbing before creating a servitor.

General Uses of Servitors

Servitor magick is used to attract love, luck, and money. They can serve as protectors, companions, messengers, healers, etc.

Vampiric servitors are generally created for draining energy from a target and passing that energy to the Vampyre. The truth is that servitors can be created to serve any purpose.

How to Create a Servitor

This process requires a great deal of will, energy, and focus, so I would suggest that you perform it in a quiet room.

There are three stages involved. They are:

  • Designing
  • Charging
  • Casting


On the astral plane, depending on the intention of the magician, the servitor can take any form; animalistic, bat-like, bestial, skeletal, etc. When created, it is often bound to some object that would serve as a physical representation.

Step one

The first step is to figure out a representation for your servitor. What function would the servitor serve? Your response would help you get an idea of a perfect symbol to work with.

On a piece of paper, write down what you want your servitor to do for you. For example, if your intention is to create a servitor that can help you get everything that you want, you can form a symbol with strong and long arms.

Think of any creature that has the features that are related to your intention. For example, if you are creating a protective servitor, think of a gigantic creature holding a sword. A lion is also a good creature that can serve that purpose.

You will need a physical vessel (object) through which you can establish a link to the spirit of your servitor. You can either draw or construct something that would serve as a physical representation of your servitor. You can make your design with anything; clay, paper, wood, or even a candle.

Step two

Choose a name

Let your instincts guide you when choosing a name. No matter how good or bad the name might sound, just know that you mustn’t tell anyone. If possible, the name should radiate positivity and be a source of inspiration to you.

Step 3

Create a sigil

There are no special rules for this. You can use anything to create your sigil.

Step four


Now that you have a representation of your servitor, you need to charge and bring it to life.


  • Clear every form of distracting thoughts and focus on the task at hand.
  • Hold the representation of your servitor in your right hand and enter into a state of meditation.
  • While in this state, chant the name of the servitor.
  • Visualize the influx of energy inside your body. Visualize this energy as a dim light; then gradually, it starts glowing and distributing all over your body.
  • Visualize the energy as a rotating ball that moves towards your right hand. Now blow this energy into the representation of your servitor.

You can say,

By the breath of life, I command you, [servitor’s name], come into existence.”

Visualize as it gets charged with the energy and comes alive.

Keep repeating its name.

You can perform this exercise for 10-30 minutes. I would suggest that you charge it three times on three different days, especially if you are creating a servitor that you would only use once.

However, if you would be using it for a longer time, then you can charge it initially and recharge it once in every month.

Step five


This is the final part, and it involves giving your servitor instructions.

After charging the servitor, call its name and send it forth to do your bidding. You can say something like:

“[Servitor’s Name] go out and protect this home! GO!”

Let your command be firm. Repeat the purpose of its existence, the rules which it must obey, and the length of its stay.  Make it understand that it is your servant while you are the master.

Step six

Deconstructing Your Servitor

At that point, when your servitor has completed its task, the best thing to do is to deconstruct it.


  • Enter into the realm of meditative awareness and call out your servitor by its name.
  • Thank it for a job well done and command it to go to sleep.
  • Visualize as the energy gets absorbed by nature and you.
  • When you return to your consciousness, bury or burn any representative object of your servitor and try not to remember it again.


Working with servitors can be a very amazing experience. Like I stated earlier, you might not be successful on the first attempt, but if you continue to practice, you could get better. You should also seek assistance from those that are skilled in this. There is no limit to what servitors can do for you as long as you have faith in them. Do you want to know more about servitors? Click here.

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