How to Protect yourself from Vampires

As if it was a vacuum cleaner that sweeps everything in its path. This is how energetic vampires behave. Have you ever noticed a sudden tiredness and depression just by being close to someone?  Most times, we are being put into such states by vampires around us. These are people who take energy from their environment for their own benefit. Some have this ability and use it at will.

Identifying them is simple. They are usually people who only think about themselves and link with others for their convenience. They usually approach others to tell them about their problems or ask for their help. They behave like victims and try to derive pity.

In other cases, they are people who act with superiority and humiliate those they have in their environment, criticizing their opinions and never valuing their contributions. There are also those who are responsible for excessive flattering, seeking to inflate the ego of the person they seek to vampirize. In the end, they are just trying to be with them to see if they can get some benefit of their own.


Vampires are negative and conflictive people who always see the glass of water half empty instead of half full. To avoid being absorbed by their energy, it is best to get away from them. However, when it is necessary to stay close to them because they are a work colleague or close relative, then you would have to develop a shield to repel and defend yourself.

The following are ways of protecting yourself and loved ones from vampires

  1. Write on a white paper the name of the person, animal, house or car that you want to protect. In the case of objects you can draw them and place different triangles on top to cover everything. At first, cut the triangles of the following colors on paper, first red covering the white paper, then another smaller orange, then yellow, green, blue, and finally violet. Store it in a place where it is not in view.
  2. Use a black tourmaline as a pendant, or you can place it in a small bag, your pocket, or simply on the office table as if it were a paper. The crystal acts by itself. Remember to always wash it with sea salt and expose it to the sun. It breaks when it has picked up some jarring energy, so throw it away immediately and replace it.
  3. You can also program a quartz crystal with the intention of protecting yourself or protecting your home.
  4. Say a prayer at the moment you feel something different in the environment or inside of you. You can recite:

“I do not allow negative energies and it is totally forbidden for any energy to invade my aura”.

  1. Make a protective mandala with crystals in the home, using hematite or pink quartz or white tipped. Once the mandala is done, it gets loaded with the intention of protecting you, your home and family. It should be renewed every 48 hours.
  2. If you are with someone and you begin to feel bad, visualize yourself wrapped in a blue sphere, where no evil can penetrate to harm you.

Vampire attacks are usually unexpected and last for few seconds. We shouldn’t be defenseless when the attack comes so there are some quick actions you can take for protection.

Step 1

Fingers Locking:  As soon as you suspect that a vampire attack is imminent (or is already happening), put the tip of the thumb and middle fingers of each hand together in two circles. Join both hands and lock one circle with another.

The technique of locking the fingers is very effective in achieving these objectives. It is very easy to apply and can prevent a vampire attack on the aura or interrupt it.

Step 2

Energy Protection:  Keep the circles locked, close your eyes and visualize a shield of powerful energy that protects all your auras and repels any invasion of strange forces.

Step 3

Energy Infusion:  Visualize the most intimate center of your energy system; see how it beats full of power as it infuses that energy into your whole being.

Step 4

Affirmation:    Allow the energy to reach its climax and then affirm: “I am surrounded by a shield of protective power so I’m safe.”

The technique of locking the fingers only requires a few seconds and can be used practically anywhere. While originally designed to instantly repel a vampire’s attack, this technique can be used to energize the aura system and protect you against any external invasion of negative forces.

You can also use it to induce a calm and relaxed state, or to achieve a restful sleep. This procedure can be adapted to reduce or eliminate the anxiety produced by everyday situations such as job interviews or public presentations.

Another useful technique to ward off vampires is to wear a necklace strung with garlic. Vampires despise garlic so a meal of pasta with garlic sauce and garlic bread will keep them miles away from you. You can also place a garlic garland on your doorway as this will prevent a vampire from entering your house.


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