The Witches Black Salt

The black salt is an ancient recipe of simple preparation that can eliminate the negative energy in your home, business, keep unwanted guests away from returning, protect you or your home from the influence of third parties such as family members or unwanted neighbors, or you can use it to ward off rivals, unbearable co-workers and a bad person who may be making life complicated for you.

The most basic spell is made by taking a handful of black salt and throwing it in the direction in which evil is perceived, to temporarily repel and prevent it. You can also spray it on the prints left by a person who is bothering you. You can spray it on your windows and doors to prevent the entrance of evil entities.

Just as everything in the world of magic can be used for good and bad purpose, black salt can be used to draw bad energies on someone and curse him.

The Witches’ black salt should not be confused with the “black salt” that is used in certain regions as a kitchen salt. This is a homemade preparation, based on an old magical recipe.

How To Make Black Salt

It is very simple, you will need coarse salt and one or more elements to give the coloring but mainly the magical effect.

Place as much salt in a pot or cauldron as you want, but always the preparation will be: each three tablespoons of salt and one of the “black” elements that you choose.

You can add: ground black pepper, charcoal or firewood, ashes from your fireplace but the best way is to place ashes of protection herbs that you have burnt.

You can burn one or more of the protective herbs with the well-dried herbs. The herbs include : Bergamot, cedar, cypress, lime, lemon, myrrh, juniper, rosemary, anise, vetiver, dill, basil, cinnamon, thyme, parsley, mugwort, poplar, yarrow, elm, holly, linden, hawthorn, ash, willow, oak, coconut, angelica, laurel, myrtle, birch, incense, jasmine, lily of the valley, patchouli, pine, rue, verbena, ferns, hazel, heather, mistletoe, pepper, thistle, rowan, wormwood.

Surely, if you have more than one of these herbs in your kitchen, including any of the trees mentioned, or perhaps near your home, then preparing black salt would not be difficult.

You can make a small fire, with pine wood for example; throw two or three dried herbs from your kitchen and use all the remaining ash to prepare the black salt.

Do not forget to use 3 tablespoons of salt for one of the magical material.

Heat the pot or cauldron with salt and ashes and mix thoroughly. It should not be burned, just warm up a bit so that alchemy takes place.

Possibly, your black salt might not be totally “black”, as the salt will not be dyed as if it were a coal, instead a dark mixture will be produced, but it is very good so do not worry.

Ways of Using the Black Salts

►Spray black salt on the corners of your house for protection and to banish evil.

► On the outside, use the salt to make a circle around your property or your business, to keep it safe and protected.

►Open your door and sprinkle some black salt outside your door while you mention the name of the person you do not want to visit your house and the reasons you have.

► Sprinkle a little salt surreptitiously behind the person you want to remove from your place, be it a neighbor or a co-worker. You can also throw salt at your door or under your work desk.

As you can see, the black salt will not only serve as a great protection for you, your home or your business, but can also help to remove undesirable people from your life. It is easy and cheap to prepare and has amazing effectiveness.

Prepare a good quantity, store it in a jar and use it when you need it! There are witches that use this salt for almost everything. They even use it for consecrated water, and absolutely in all spells or rituals that need salt.


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