Windchime Spells – Channeling the element of Air

Wind Chime Spell for Home Blessing

Here is a Wind Chime spell by Ellen Dugan from the book “Elements of Witchcraft“.

Say this prayer as you hang your wind chimes outside after you have blessed them and empowered them with your intentions for home protection and good luck;

“Magickal wind chimes, now be for me
a charm for good luck and prosperity.
As the chimes ring out, a spell they’ll weave,
all dread and negativity now must leave!
By the power of the sylphs and faeries,
as I do will it, so now it shall be.”

Spell to Attract a Wind Sprite

This is a spell to attract a Wind Sprite to visit your home and garden, from the book “The Fairy Bible by Teresa Moorey.

“Wind Sprites are the carefree gypsies of fairyland.  Storm-riders, whisperers, and mischief-makers, they bring the balm of the fragrant breeze and the rousing blast of the tempest.  They teach that all is light and changeable, yet they also bring clarity and sharpness of mind.  You may invite Wind Sprites into your life, but do not attempt to bind them to you — that would destroy the gifts they bring.
You will need wind chimes and a length of ribbon.
  • Wind chimes of bamboo will invite a gentle, thoughtful sprite who will encourage reflection.
  • Crystal chimes will attract a highly evolved sprite to help you achieve greater detachment.
  • Metal chimes will attract a creative sprite who will help you achieve change.

Choose a windy day and hang your wind chimes securely in a tree or near a window.

Close your eyes and visualize the gifts you would like to receive from your sprite.

Feel the breeze blow on your face and say;


Wind-Sprite flying light and high,
I call to you, draw nigh, draw nigh
My chimes a home for you shall be,
Ever welcome, ever free


Listen for your chimes to ring to alert you that your sprite has arrived.  Welcome the sprite by tying the ribbon to the upper string of the chimes, being careful not to restrict their swaying and ringing.  Thank your sprite for being present.
Whenever you feel the need  of the gifts of the wind-sprites, stir the chimes with your hand or sit near them and listen to them blowing in the breeze, let them refresh your spirit and mind with their breeze and music.”

Windchimes in Store

  • Om Chakra Wind Chime

Wind Chime Spell for Bringing Good News to Your Door

From “Magical Spells For Your Home” by Ann-Marie Gallagher.  For this spell, you will bless your Wind Chimes at your altar, calling upon Athena – Goddess of Communication and then hang them outside your front door.

You will need three feathers, some yellow ribbon, lavender oil and a yellow candle.

Put some lavender scented essential oil in an oil burner with some water, light a yellow candle and say;

Athena, Goddess of Communication,
Empower and bless my spell
to bring good news to my door,
with the swiftness of a bird in flight,
Good fortune to ensure.

Using one length of ribbon, tie the first feather securely to any thread of the wind chime and say;

Happy news, find your way
to my home, begin today!

Tie the second feather to another thread of the chime with ribbon and say;

Bright music, sacred sound
Evil here is never found

Tie the third feather to another thread of the chime with ribbon and say;

Lucky Breeze, happy din
Summon light to flow within

Hang your wind chime over your front door or on your front porch near the door where breeze or wind will frequently stir it to action.

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