Wiccan Rede

Save these Wiccan laws we owe,
In total trust and perfect love;
We must live and let live,
Fairly give and ask. 

Three times the circle will trace,
To the evil spirits outside we will keep.
To attract magic every time,
That spell rumors we must do.

In the touch sweetness, in the look softness,
Little talk, much listening
With acts and words we will honor the Ancients,
By love and light we will be guided again.

Go in Deosil, with the waning moon,
Singing the merry song of the Rune.
Come in Widdershins, with the waning moon,
Singing the sad song of the Rune.

When the moon is new,
Kiss your hands, twice, not once.
When the moon becomes round,
What you want in your heart goes round.

Attention to the North wind you must lend,
Knock the door, the sails lower.
When the wind blows from the East,
Wait for the new and organize the banquet.

When the South wind blows,
Love will kiss our mouths.
When the wind whispers from the West,
Comfort shall it bring to your heart.

Nine woods to the cauldron go,
Slow and slow you will burn them.
The Birch goes to the fire,
From the wisdom of the Lady is the sign.

The oak in the forest grows strong as a rock,
In the fire the image of the Lord evokes.
The Rowan is a tree of power,
Emanating life and magic when it blossoms.

The Willows that are next to the river,
They announce us the summer.
The Hawthorn is burned to purify,
And wonders before your eyes show.

The Hazel tree, the tree of learning and knowledge,
Adds its strength to the light of fire when it burns.
White are the flowers of the Apple tree,

They give us the fruits of fertility.
Grapes that grow from the Vineyard,
Give us wine and joys.
From the fir tree of evergreen branches,
Reflection immortal life offers us.

Elderwood, the tree of the Lady,
Do not burn it, or you’ll be cursed from now on.
Four Greater Sabbats are celebrated,
In darkness two, in light two.

In death the spark of life is born,
In Samhain when the Wheel Turns.

When the Imbolc time is coming,

Look for the flowers in the snow.

When the Wheel begins to turn,
Soon the fires of Beltane will burn.
When the Wheel to Lugh has turned,
Power in magical rites is granted.

Four Minor Sabbats are celebrated
The Way of the Sun has been marked.
When the Wheel in Yule has turned,
Light the log, it is the Law of the Horned.

In spring, the night is equal to the day,
Ostara’s time is approaching.
When the Sun reaches its vertical,
Oak and Fir have to face.

For all the harvest comes,
The Autumn Equinox is the date.
The flower, the bush and the tree learn,
His blessings the Lady tends to them.

Where the waves of water go,
Throw a stone and you will know the truth.
When you have a great need,
The greed of others you will not listen to.

With the foolish time we will not pass,
Or among your friends we will tell each other.
Happy meeting and happy departure;
Hearts are heated and the cheeks are lit.

The Triple Law we must remember,
Triple evil, triple goodness.
When you have bad luck,
Carry the blue star on your forehead.

Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill:

Do what you will, so long as it harms none.

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