Clairvoyance: How to Identify a True Seer

What is clairvoyance? This is a natural ability to perceive things beyond the range of ordinary perception. Clairvoyants are known to have a second sight and a sixth sense. For many people, clairvoyance is confused with the charlatanism spread by the media but the truth is that those who have this gift suffer more than they enjoy. For clairvoyants, helping others is the only way they can make their life more bearable.


In recent times, we have seen many false individuals who claim to possess the ability to see into the past and the future. These people often tell their clients all sorts of lies just to extort money from them. Each time you wish to go for a consultation, ensure to visit only the true seers. In this blog I will like to show you how to identify a true seer.


Questions and answers:

A fake seer often asks many questions while a true seer doesn’t because she already knows much about her client. She calmly listens to her clients and provides answers where necessary. She doesn’t say unnecessary things just to impress the client.


Precise visions:

True seers not only capture premonitory emotions or feelings but they perceive clear images of the events of the future. Their golden connection with the energy of the universe allows them to see clearly all that the future holds for you, in order to guide you in your decisions.



They are honest, because at the end of the day, they are only an intermediary between the spiritual energy and you. They are aware that deceit only leads the client to doom.


Advance money:

It is normal for most seers to ask for money in advance, but you have to be careful and ensure that the person is trustworthy. If the seer asks for money in advance, then give her a small task that you would have to pay a small amount. Never start giving large sums of money since this is really risky. Give larger task after you have verified the seer’s abilities.  It is true that sometimes the seer charges a fixed amount. Be wary if this amount is too high, unless the she is highly recognized and effectiveness is assured.

Common sense and intuition:

If your intuition tells you that there is something strange about the seer, go away and do not waste time. The combination of these two parameters plus the use of the above tips will make your experience with magicians, seers and sorcerers positive.


Emotional influence:

A false seer can manipulate your emotions to make you believe whatever she says.  She might also force you to have faith but the real thing is that the true seer can do much without the client’s faith. Keep that in mind.

Natural gift:

True seers possess a special aura that make them unique and distinguish them from the rest. They are in direct contact with spiritual energy. Their ability is so developed that they are capable of generating incredible things and making accurate predictions using their sixth sense.


Ask trusted friends:

It is always necessary to look for a visionary through recommendations. When you find a notice in a newspaper, magazine or website, you must confirm the authenticity from a reliable source which could either be a family or friend, before patronizing. A recommendation is valid when the friend is reliable and when the seer’s analysis is carried out according to true and concrete data.


Willing to help people:

One of the fundamental characteristics of the true seers is the eagerness to help unlike the false seers who are only eager to earn. A true seer feels what happens to other people, both through physical contact, by look or voice. They know how you feel, what is happening in your life, what your problems are and the solution, just by looking into your eyes or listening to your words. If a seer has no empathy for your situation then there might be no need to patronize her service.

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