Make Your Own Goofer Dust

What is Goofer Dust?

Goofer Dust is a very old African-American hoodoo blend used to cause serious trouble, harm, or kill an enemy.

There are a number of recipes, no doubt reflecting the intent of the witch.

Goofer dust can also be used for its protective properties if you add the right ingredients to it.


Basic goofer dust contains:

This is a basic recipe, and the idea is to make it your own by adding your own special touches, such as insects local to you, powdered bones, and black pepper etc

The base should contain equal amounts of:

  • Ground sulfur powder – (Sometimes associated with hell and the devil, Sulfur, or Brimstone, is actually quite good for destroying an enemy’s hold on you or preventing curses and hexes.)
  • Snake skin
  • Dried pigeon shit or bird poo of some type


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