Make Your Own Goofer Dust

What is Goofer Dust?

Goofer Dust is the common name for earth taken from a grave or for a powder that incorporates such dirt. It can be used for both good and evil purpose. The character of the person from whose grave the dirt is taken can be an important factor. For instance, charms designed to protect or give power to their bearers might use dirt from the plot of a soldier.

It can be used for:

  • Goofer dust can also be used for its protective properties if you add the right ingredients to it.
  • Goofer Dust can be used to cause serious trouble, harm, or kill an enemy.
  • Foot Track magic using goofer dust is under the banner of crossing magic and used to  help someone get away from you

Make Your Own Goofer Dust

This is a basic recipe, and the idea is to make it your own by adding your own special touches, such as insects local to you, powdered bones, and black pepper etc

goofer dust

The base should contain equal amounts of:


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Ideas For Using Baneful Powders:

  • If you intend to cause problems for someone, sprinkle powders like Hot Foot Powder, Black Mustard, Graveyard dirt, or Goofer Dust, on the doorstep of the target so that when he walks on it, he will get poisoned through the feet.
  • To curse an enemy, make cross marks and snake wavy lines using destructive powder blends. Do this on the footpath of your target. After drawing these marks with the powder, spit on it and recite your curses.
  • Sprinkle the goofer dust in the targets shoes to cause a magical reaction on the target which effects their health or other situations.

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