4 Powerful Spells to Enhance Hair Growth

As a woman, I love anything that could help my hair grow faster and longer. Of course, as a witch, I do use nature herbs products in my routine to assist with my mission. You may also know and use Castor Oil or Rosemary Oil (both cheap and very effective). The Rosemary Oil tip was given to me by Savannah from Black Witch Coven, who says her bangs grew out in months due two rosemary oil (and a few spells I am sure!

Do you know that you can actually make your hair to grow longer using some spells? Let’s say you have tried different hair growth products and none worked, luckily, we have the powerful spells for hair growth. If you want a quick hair growth spell with great results then try these:

Ritual One:

Spell with yogurt to grow hair

Materials Needed:

•             -1 yogurt

•             -1 white candle

•             -1 tablespoon of sunflower oil

•             -1 lock of hair

•             -1 lemon

•             -1 glass container

•             -1 box of matches


You must perform this spell at night. Light the candle with the matches, pour the lemon juice into the bowl, add a lock of hair and mix while reciting the following.

“May my beautiful hair grow like a great waterfall with its natural flow and powerful splendor”.

Pour the sunflower oil into the mixture and keep mixing.  Pour the yogurt, mix everything, apply the mask from your scalp to the tip. When you finish, recite the following sentence:

“Do what I ask, so be it”

Cover the hair well with a towel, and wait for 15 minutes before washing it with water.

Ritual Two:

For this spell, you will need to invoke the god Anubis.

Materials Needed

•             -6 red rose petals

•             -1 lock of hair

•             -1 paper envelope


This ritual must be done on a full moon night. Start by cutting a lock of your hair, pour the hair into the envelope and add the rose petals, then close it well. Take the envelope with the ingredients to the garden of your house, close your eyes, relax and breathe, imagine the way your hair grows beautiful and long.

Then with faith recite the following prayer:

“My God Anubis, I ask you to help my hair to grow, I beg you to grant me what I asked for, I promise to love you with my whole being, take charge of my life, I will give you the best of me, so be it “

Ritual Three:

If your hair always falls off, either when you comb or bathe, this ritual will be the perfect one for you. It would help to nourish and strengthen your scalp thus allowing your hair to grow very fast and healthily.

Items Needed:

•             Egg.

•             A medium lemon

•             A glass container.

•             A glass with rain water (in case you do not have it, wait a few days for it to rain in your region).

•             A hair brush.

•             A candle.

•             Flax seed oil.

•             A spoon.

•             A plastic bag.

•             Some matches

•             A small table.

•             Your favorite shampoo.


This spell should be performed on a sunny and cool day. Saturdays or Sundays are also perfect for it. Carry it out after you have bathed so as to eliminate negative energies around you.


  • Start by massaging your scalp with care and with the tips of your fingers.
  • Then brush your hair for several minutes until it is well combed.
  • Put the candle on the table and turn it on. Then visualize for a few minutes a future in which you have very long and beautiful hair.
  • Now pour the egg into the container, also apply a few drops of flaxseed oil and a few drops of lemon.
  • Use the spoon to mix all the ingredients, preferably until they have dissolved completely.
  • Apply that mixture to your hair, do it gently and massage each area. Start with the scalp and then spread it towards the ends.
  • Cover your hair with a plastic bag. For the mixture to take effect, you must wait an hour. It is very important that during those minutes you do not go out to the Sun.

After an hour, wash your hair normally with shampoo.

In the middle of the wash, apply a little of the rainwater on your hair and repeat this powerful prayer:

My hair will grow a lot, I water it like a plant, so it will grow.”

After washing, do not use the dryer for a few days.

Having read this article to this point, I believe you have found the best solutions to your hair undergrowth issues. Well, feel free to perform these spells but note that it can only work for you if you have faith in the process.

I would also love to hear your thoughts on the BEST way to grow your hair.


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