Try these Four Beauty Spells

In white magic practices, there are many materials that can be used to increase feminine beauty. These materials are used to cure skin diseases and to achieve glowing skin. Are you considering a beauty therapy? If yes, then these beauty spells might be useful to you.

Ritual one:

•        A small mirror

•        Silver, red and orange candle

•        Rose oil

•        Patchouli Incense

•        Black cloth bag or a small black cloth.



Find a quiet place, if possible, in an outdoor location. (It can also be your room, with an open window).

Light the incense and your three candles, (if possible, you can perform this ritual while you are naked)

Rub the rose oil on the parts of your body that you want to change, while thinking about how you want them to change. Then, raise the mirror above your head, pointing the face of the mirror to the moon.

Then say: (write it down on a piece of paper if you cannot memorize it)

“The Moon and Wind,

Listen to the wish of this princess.

Holy Moon, load this mirror,

With your energy and beauty, to be your reflection.

Wrap me in your soft glow,

Make me the pride of your creation. “


Then, lower the mirror and look at it. Visualize the beauty, you desire and how you want others to see you and react.

Then, gently sing the following words:

Like a cocoon in spring,

Make my beauty bloom. “

Now using the mirror, allow the moonlight to be reflected in the body parts you want to change. Let the incense and the candles burn. Once finished, wrap the mirror in a black or dark cloth and store it where no one can find it. If the mirror is broken or found by some other person, then the beauty spell will be broken.

Ritual Two

This simple white magic spell can be used to reduce wrinkles and solve some skin problems.

Necessary material

•        an orange candle,

•        an aluminum bowl,

•        almonds and nuts,

•        rue

•        an olive branch

The first thing you should do is to light the orange candle. Place an aluminum bowl with almonds and walnuts in front of the candle.

Place a little rue and an olive branch in front of the bowl. With all the materials prepared,  relax and concentrate on the spell while reciting these lines:  

“Cosmic forces that know everything, help me to improve my skin”.

After this request, you must let the candle burn and repeat this spell once a week for at least three months. Little by little you will notice how your face looks much healthier, brighter and more attractive.

Ritual three:

Beauty spells with Rose Petals

This spell will make you more attractive and feel good about yourself. You will need the following elements:

  • 6 fresh rose petals
  • 6 pink candles
  • lavender incense


Fill your bathtub with warm or hot water (it depends on your body temperature and your mood at the moment). Spread the rose petals in the water. Light the pink candles around your tub, or as close as you can to the water, and then light the lavender incense.

Once you are in the water, meditate and visualize the image you want to project. Relax and then pronounce this spell once:

“Earth, Air, Fire, Sea,

The beauty of the Goddess I begin to project”.

After reciting those lines, continue to bath normally.

Ritual Four:

Beauty Spell with Blood

You will need the following items: 

  • 1 needle
  • 1 small piece of paper
  • 1 red or pink candle

Light the candle and say:

“Goddess Aphrodite

Listen to my plea,

Make my body look perfect.

Make my curves a model,

Of beauty and youth without pain,

Thus I will attract my true love “.


Prick your thumb and while you drop 3 drops of blood on the paper say:

“This is my blood, this is my sacrifice,

So you can give me what I ask,

This is my will.

So be it”.

Fold the paper with the blood in it and burn it with the candle. Finally, relax, meditate on your new lifestyle, and when you’re ready, turn off the candle. Remember to turn off the candle without blowing it; use your fingers or a metal spoon.







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