Spells To Perform Using Black Candles

Candles are used for a variety of purposes such as: for decoration, for energizing, and for lighting in the absence of light at home. The colors of candles provide a different kind of energy and can be used for specific purposes. Black candles are often used when performing dark magic with strong negative energy. It can also be used in rituals to ward off black magic and forms of negative thought. All the energy of the black candle comes from Saturn, therefore the best day to use the power of this candle is on Saturdays. 

Spells with Black Candles for Protection

For this ritual, you will need salt and garlic grains. You can perform this in any place you feel is saturated with negative energies and this ritual would provide you with a protective shield against those energies.

To protect a house, sprinkle some salt on the main doors so that the negative energies are kept at bay. On the salt throw three garlic gloves on each of the doors. This will also help to create a little more tranquility in the home. You should also light a black candle and place it there. Do not turn it off, until it has burnt completely.

Spell to Attract Money with Black Candle

In this case, the black candle is used to ward off bad luck in matters of money. The spell is very simple to perform. All you need is a coin that has a face on one side and on the other side a number, preferably the number 1. That is, it can be a coin of 1 peso, dollar or also 10 pesos. Just note that the coin must contain the number 1.

The black candle is lit and the coin is placed with the number facing downwards. Then recite the following:

“Money come to me, there is no obstacle, nothing stops, everything continues, there is no brake”.

Keep the candle burning for approximately 10 minutes.

The coin has to be in front of the candle about five centimeters away. Then you can turn the coin so that it is left with the number face up and say:

Money flow, open, come to me”.

Repeat the phrase 3 times and leave the coin until the candle is completely worn out. Then take the remains of the candle and the coin and wrap it in a yellow paper. Put that paper inside your purse or wherever you store money. You can repeat this spell but you must change the currency.

Spell with Black Candles to Ward Off an Ex

If you have an ex who is still in love with you but you are no longer interested then this spell would make the individual stay away from you.  For this spell, you will need a very thick black candle that can burn for more than 24 hours.

You must write the name of the person you want to push away on a piece of paper, then put the paper under a small glass that is turned upside down. When lighting the candle that would be behind the glass, you should say the following words: “No more” then think about the person moving away.

After that, let the candle burn completely. When you take out the paper and the glass, you say “No more“. The remnants of the candle together with the paper should be thrown in a place where water flows and do not let anyone see you.

Spell with Black candles to have a Smooth Trip

If you are going on a trip and you desire not to spend any money on your way then you can perform this ritual. Write down the number of your car on a piece of paper then put this paper under a black candle of normal size.  Place the candle on a plate.

Light the candle and while it burns, meditate on your intention. When the candle is completely consumed, it is likely that the paper is between the wax of the candle and the plate. If it is so then that means the spell will work, otherwise, it may not be effective, so you can repeat the ritual. Throw those remnants in a dirt pit just before leaving. This spell can be repeated every time you wish to travel or go on vacation.

Is there any other spell with black candles that you can perform? Yes! There are many others depending on your intentions. You can purchase the black candles and other ritual items from our online store.


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