The Supernatural Power of the Healing Doll

Do you have a friend or family member who is sick? I guess you just can’t wait to see them get well. I will show you a spell that you should cast on their behalf.  The healing doll spell is simple and requires few items. I think you would love it.


  • Create your own doll (using wax or fabric) to represent the person who is sick
  • Do not represent the problem; rather create the image of the solution.
  • Concentrate on it while you make the doll.
  • Project a circle.
  • Light a blue candle.
  • Sprinkle your doll with salt water.

Now recite this:

Be blessed, you creature created by art. By the created art, by the transformed art, you are not wax (cloth, wood, etc.) but of flesh and blood, I name you ________ (mention the name of the person you wish to heal). You are between the worlds and in the world. Be blessed.”

  • Hold the doll in your hands. Blow on it, and charge it with energy.
  • Visualize your friend to be completely healed.
  • Particularly charge the doll’s members that match your friend’s sick or injured limbs.
  • Visualize your friend to be completely charged with white light, very happy, and filled with energy.
  • Link the spell.
  • Put down the power.
  • Open the circle.
  • Keep the doll on your altar until your friend is healed.
  • Then project another circle and take the doll, sprinkle it with water, and say:

“Be blessed, child of light. By the transformed and defeated art, I take back your name __________ (mention the name of your friend) and call you doll, creature of wax (or fabric, or other, depending on the material) between the worlds, in all the worlds, so be it. The link is broken. Be blessed”.

After performing the healing doll ritual, open the circle. If the doll contains physical links, burn it in an open fire. If not, throw it away or give it to your friend as a souvenir.


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