Astral travel: Dangers and Erroneous Beliefs

Most people often talk about the risks of astral travel thereby discouraging others from it. Those who usually spread this falsehood might have never had experiences of astral travel and are only lucubrating without practical foundations.


For example: it is said that someone can cut the silver cord while we are on an astral experience. It is important to understand that the silver cord is not the cord itself. It is an energetic bond that holds our physical body together with our extra physical or astral body. So trying to break that energetic link would be like pretending to cut the radio waves with scissors.

There are also those who believe that while you’re on your astral journey someone could enter your physical body and when you return, there will be no space for you.   Well, for now I don’t think there are any registered cases of such.


Actually, the silver cord permanently holds together the physical body and consciousness, taking care to bring us back to the body at the precise moment that there is some variation in our physical or energetic environment, such as noise, light input, excess of cold or heat. Nothing can break the silver cord and no one can enter the body of the person. The separation of the silver cord occurs at the moment of biological death as the physical body ceases to be operative.


Risks when returning to the body:

Another common question asked is, “what happens if the person does not know how to return to his body and gets lost out there?” The funny thing is that returning to the body is never a difficulty, but the opposite is sometimes an inconvenience. The most common is to return to the body sooner without being able to record all the information of where we were.

During an astral travel, be aware that you aren’t going to heaven, nor a playground, so you would find many dangers. Amongst them are some aggressive beings that belong to the darkness that would try to attack you so you would need to be careful. It is said that after making the astral journey an open door is left that lets in some dark beings seeking for a new body.


How do I return from an astral trip?


To return to the body occurs instantaneously. As soon as you think of getting back, your spirit immediately enters the body and you are back.  A common situation in the first experiences of astral travel is the surprise that comes from perceiving that you do not need to breathe outside the body. This situation sometimes causes the person to think about breathing and thinking of a physical process brings you back to the body.


What can we find in an astral trip?

You will find good spirits, bad spirits, and people who have had a physical body and currently do not have it. There are some who are well intentioned and others who continue to be wicked and ill-intentioned.

A person does not change on leaving the physical body, so he will have same qualities, feelings and emotions as when he was alive.

During an astral travel, there is no risk losing your wallet because you don’t carry it along. Also, those evil spirits can’t stab you because they have no knife. They would only scare you but bear in mind that the possibility of finding such entities is low.

Characteristics and Effects of Astral Travel


Most astral travel experiences reported by people all over the planet are pleasant, quiet, interesting and productive. If you are scared of leaving your body, then you should be reminded that no matter how much a person might not want to leave his body, he will eventually leave through biological death and have a long experience outside of his body.

In that moment you will encounter extra physical reality even if you do not want to accept it. Therefore, the more information you have previously the more prepared you are to adapt to your new reality.


In conclusion, you should note that generally when a person leaves the body for an astral trip, he becomes more relaxed and gains more energy and that makes the productivity he gets from his physical body greater. The effects of a lucid astral travel experience are always positive. We hope that with this article we have removed the fear of going on an astral journey.




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