Horseshoe magic

The horseshoe is one of the oldest protection symbols usually made of iron. The horseshoe magic is due to its essence and form. The iron component is a good luck metal, and the lunar shape is known for its ability to attract luck. 

In ancient times, if one had the “chance” of finding a horseshoe on his way, one could sell it to the blacksmith for a good sum of money. The horseshoe also represents good fortune.

For centuries the horseshoe magic has been associated with deities, magical powers, and it is commonly placed in ritual locations. They are known from approximately 1500 years before the Christian era.  The first ones were a sort of semicircles of wood, hemp, herbs and roots.

In Egypt and Persia, metals were used while the Mongols used leather to make their horseshoe.

The horseshoe is usually hung on the front door, with the tips pointing up. Some of its uses include:

  • As a magical and powerful protection amulet.
  • To repel bad influences and malicious people.
  • To promote cash flow, promotions, the general success of new projects.
  • As a pendant, the horseshoe is an excellent protector against the evil eye in general.
  • In the United States, it is used to scare away ghosts, while in England it gives the power to avoid nightmares.

Horseshoe was also the name chosen to baptize some geographical sites in Spain, Cuba, and Costa Rica. In our country, that name has a lagoon in the province of Formosa. However, no one can claim that the people from these regions have better luck than other individuals.

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