The Magic of the Honey Pot

This is a magic practice that I love a lot; from its method of manufacture, its use and especially its results. This kind of charm has been used for a long time, by the witch community especially in the Hoodoo. It can be used for just about anything:

  • To get hired,
  • For relationships between couple
  • To make someone testify in your favor
  • For legal, financial, family, for an increase, against slander, verbal abuse, etc.

In short, it can be used for everything that needs to be “sweet” or sweetened. The basic ingredients are: honey, syrup, sweetener, sugar, molasses, sweet alcohol (especially whiskey) pancake syrup, agave syrup, jams, jelly, hard and soft candies, caramel candy dissolved in a decoction, icing sugar etc.


It is very discreet because it can easily be placed in your kitchen cabinet for those who do not have an altar.

The container of this charm can also be very varied according to the practitioner: old jars of jam, recycled small food jars, sugar bowl, hollow red onions, fruit hollowed out, etc.


Many practitioners work with closed jars (which I also prefer) but the earliest spells found on this subject were simply made in a tea cup saucer, in the center of which was a candle dressed and loaded in the name of the person (with oil and herbs) and surrounded by a ring of honey or syrup (sugar, molasses, etc….)


You will obviously need a charge from the person you are doing the job for. You can get any of this; hair, nails, pieces of clothing worn, business card, first name, birth date and the name of his mother.


If you are working for a couple you would link their pictures or their locks of hair together. Before starting up, first you have to choose everything you want to put in correspondence with your desire and also to the deity you wish to address.


So prepare your herbs, flowers, oils, a square of camphor to clean the bad things, roots, symbols, gray, offerings, metals, stones like magnetite to attract things.

Using a drop of oil specific to your spell put the elements of the individual and your petition on the five points i.e. the 4 corners and the middle. The petition will be folded according to the usual method of attracting or repelling something.


Open your container, and place your first herbs, flowers and other materials while explaining the intention of the ritual.   You can say; “I place these petals of roses to symbolize the love that united Yvonne and Pierre, I place this root of ginseng so that their hugs are always passionate, etc.”


Once everything is deposited into the pot, take a teaspoon full of your sweet material and swallow it while saying:


“As this honey [or syrup or sugar] is sweet to me, may I become sweet to Jessie Brown.” or “As sweet as this honey is to me, let it be sweet to Sophia Mathew so her health is improved and the pains are softened, until they are completely gone”. 


Your recitation should be based on the demand of the work. Then pour the rest of the sugar, syrup or honey into your pot until everything is immersed in it.


Close your pot well. All you have to do is to place a candle (already dressed with oils and mixtures of herbs) on the metal lid of your pot and light it. It is important to let the wax flow well on the pot so that it covers it.


Some decide to paint some sigils, runes or symbols on the pot, others leave it raw. It’s a personal choice. You can still burn your charm on the altar of the deity of your choice or use just your wiccan power. This is still a personal choice.


Do not forget to visualize the result of your charm as already realized and to maintain your charm you will have to activate it regularly by lighting a new candle on the pot.  If you want to work with the moon, you should start your charm on the first day of the rising moon and follow the race of the star until the full moon. Then let the charm act.

If you wish to work astronomically, then light a new candle every week, on the day corresponding to the goal.



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