Spiritual and Magical Baths

Magical baths are one of the most well-known used techniques in sorcery of different traditions for self-purification or to purify a client. This goes from the simple addition of holy water and coarse salt in the catholic white magic, to voodoo and hoodoo baths with very specific mixtures of plants (which are also found in the wiccan tradition).

There are various recipes for magical bath. The recipe is dependent on the purpose of the bath; for purifications, luck, love, etc. I will give you some recipes which you can use in your daily practices.


Everyone knows that spiritual baths are a sacred method for connecting our physical, spiritual and energetic body to specific energies in order to re-harmonize them. As I just said, the Catholic, Jewish or Hindu religions, Islam, Shinto, etc… have built practices and prayers for the art of washing the body and spirit.

In Islam, it is customary to wash one’s face, arms, front of the head, neck and feet before the purification prayer. In India, there is a special event called Naimittika, which can sometimes include millions of participants. The purpose of this event is to spiritually wash oneself in the water of the Ganges and Jumna (sacred rivers) for a particular deity.

In front of the temples before presenting oneself to the Kami; it is obligatory to perform ablutions. A ladle filled with sacred water is made available to wash the mouth and hands. These make them worthy of presenting themselves before the gods.

In antiquity the symbolism of water also expresses purity, as well as fertility. By catharsis and ablutions, offering water to the Gods means participating in eternity. It is perfectly obvious that the holy water at the entrance of the churches is a survival to these practices.

In the voodoo practices (hoodoo, santeria, ..), there are also spiritual baths used in the rituals of healing and protection, prepared with specific water (Florida water, vinegar of the four thieves, water of several different sources, ..) added with plants, roots, minerals, dust (from cemeteries, a crossroads or a very precise tomb) of various resins and of course prayers.

In traditional witchcraft, this simple and effective practice is used in many magical purposes (love, money….) also before sacred rites are done. Washing can be done from the head to the foot or on a specific area (such as feet in voodoo).

These different preparations are often performed by a priest or priestess of different magical traditions as they add the dimension of the sacred as an intermediary between the gods and the problems of men.

General Procedures for a Simple Spiritual Bath

• If you have a bathtub that will naturally make your bath easier (and that of your client), but it is not mandatory.
• If you only have a shower, you will need a basin and a small pot to collect the water at your feet.
• As this kind of ritual is not meant to wash you, we advise you first to take a shower and wash normally before undertaking this ritual.
• Start gathering all your herbs, cologne, lustra water, stones, essential oil, fruits, needed for the bath…
• Heat the water and once the simmering water has incorporated your material, add the lustral water or Florida water to compensate for the evaporated water.
• Take with you, your candles coated with specific and blessed oils and the appropriate incense.
• Place each of these candles on the edges of your bathtub; they serve as vigilantes.
• If you are using a tub, pour water and herbal mixture into the bathtub filled with water. If it is a shower, place a bowl (water + plants) in a safe place so you do not spill it until you are ready to pour it.
• Light up the candle, meditate for a moment on the purpose of the bath and recite your intentions aloud.
• Then use a cup to pour the mixture on your head for 7,9,11, or 13 times (only an odd number), according to your intention (7 times is for luck, 9 for love, etc…)
• If you want to bring energies, you will usually “wash” your feet to the head. If you want to banish or get rid of harmful waves, you will wash starting from the head towards the feet.
• Use a prayer of your choice; a mantra, a psalm, or any prayer that will express your intent.
• Actively visualize your intention and your desire (Example, to free yourself from negative energies, visualize it as a kind of mud, which will be detached from your body, giving way to a very big white light).
• Once this step is done, get out of the bathtub (or your shower) then put the candles around you in the chosen position.
• Recite your intentional prayer, your mantra or psalms while visualizing the purpose of the rite and especially as if it were already realized.
• You can also light an incense charcoal and spread the mixture of powder on it, and put it at your feet.
• While being surrounded by candles, smoke of incense that goes up between your legs and the power of your visualization and prayer, the attractive power of your bath will become tenfold.
• It is very important not to wipe after bathing but to let the water dry naturally on your body as well as to dress in clean clothes.

If the bath is to attract some energy, then a cup of the bath mixture should be used to wash your clothes so your clothes would become charged. A second cup should be poured on the ground at a crossroads, facing east to attract, and facing west for banishment.
If this bath serves to attract specific energies, it should be done for a full month depending on the astrological day corresponding to the request.

Some Common Bath Recipes

Bath for anti-negative energies:
Florida water, goat’s milk powder, a bunch of parsley, sea salt, slices of lemon.

Bath for luck:
Rose, vanilla, vetiver, lemon, verbena, lemongrass, galangal, mint, quinquina basil

Bath for money:
Gingko, mistletoe, bay leaf, thyme and cinnamon.

Bath for anti-bad luck:
Iris, clove, lavender, vanilla and Florida water.

Bath for love:
Cinnamon, mint, rose, lavender, honey.

Spiritual bathing can be fun when done properly as it leaves you with a refreshed aura. Do you wish to try it out? Go ahead then. You can prepare your recipe depending on the purpose of the bath.

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