HotFoot Magic

Foot track magic is literally magic where you are getting someone to move! The idea is that the target will step into the magical powder and get away from you. For this magic to be successful, the target must step in or walk over the powder.

One idea of the origins of this type of magic comes from the African concept that magic influences enter and exit your body through your feet. Chinese also believe that the souls of your feet are connected to every major organ in your body. There is a large body of spells from the German tradition, where they will say a specific spell while driving a nail into the footprint of the target. In this case, it is called Foot Print Magic! So I guess the first lesson is to always watch where you walk!

Hot Foot Powder is one of the oldest and most traditional sachet powders used in hoodoo. It is mainly composed of all manner of hot chili, sulfur and other highly irritating or “hot” ingredients, ground into a fine powder mixed with either talcum powder or cornstarch. Many people will mix the powder with some dirt, to blend it in a little better, making the powder less conspicuous.

Hoodoo style hotfoot or foot track magic spells

Remove Unwanted Neighbors

Hot Foot Powder is a great way to drive someone away without others knowing, and without inherently harming them.

  • Drive unwanted people away
  • Make enemies leave
  • Make others go away

Hot Foot Powder Uses:

Hot Foot Oil 2dram

Hot Foot Ritual Powder

1 Lb Hot Foot Power Incense

Hot Foot Powder is usually deployed by sprinkling it on the ground where your target will walk over it. This works through the principle of foot track magic: magically affecting your target through the feet, as the feet are what carry a person through life. Additionally, a person will typically track substances into their home or car after walking through it thus introducing it into their private space.

  • Lay down a line of Hot Foot Powder in your target’s tracks when they cross over it, they will be compelled to get the hell out of your life.
  • Put a pinch of Hot Foot Powder in their shoes to “hot foot” them out of town.
  • You can even dust the tires on their car with Hot Foot Powder to get them to drive out of your life!

Ideally, if you want someone to move away, you should sprinkle the hot foot powder all around their premises.

It’s just not all about sprinkling powder. There are other hot foot style spells where you collect the dirt from where your target has walked, and perhaps place it in a red flannel bag, and then throw it in a body of moving water.

Harry Hyatt (Hoodoo — Conjuration — Witchcraft — Rootwork), suggests taking the dirt from your target’s left foot, bind it in a red piece of flannel, then throw it in a river that is flowing north. As you throw it turn back around and say go from me. He says that in nine days your target will be gone!

How to disguise the Hot Foot Powder from the target

To hide Hot Foot Powder from being recognized (it has a distinctive color), mix it half-and-half with local dirt from the area before sprinkling it. Most people will mistake it for dirt that someone has simply tracked in on their shoes and not think twice about stepping on it.

You may have seen in some movies, that powder will be blown onto or into the path of the target. In this case, the powder is placed in your left hand, and then blow the powder into the 4 quarters.

How to let someone know that they have been hotfooted!

In some cultures, they will draw in the dirt, specific lines, such as 4 wavy lines, and then spit on the ground to activate the curse. This is called “setting a trick”. Personally, I believe in hiding all the magic that you are performing on other individuals, and as we live in a very clever world, I wouldn’t leave any signs or symbols around that could highlight the fact that the target is cursed, so that they step around the powder and not through it.

HotFoot a Room Mate!

If you are sharing a living space with someone and want to make them go away or move out, you need to hit them with a harder Hot Foot Spell and this Hot Foot Spell is just the trick.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 packet of Hot Foot Powder
  • 1 empty bottle
  • 1 used dirty sock belonging to your target

Make sure to use a dirty sock that has not been cleaned for this trick. It will have your target’s sweat on it and this will hit them on a physical level.


  • Put the sock in the bottle and add in about half a packet of Hot Foot Powder.
  • When you cap the bottle pray over it and ask(God) to drive the pestiferous roommate away from your house, force them to move away and leave you alone for good.
  • Take the bottle to a river that runs out of town and throw it into the river over your left shoulder and don’t look back. The person will run out of your life just like that river runs out of town. (If you do not have access to a river, then you can also toss the bottle into a crossroads way out on the edge of town to drive that person out of town.)
  • Next return home and sprinkle Hot Foot Powder in the roommate’s shoes. Put some in their bedroom under their bed. Put some in their foot powder if they use some, or in their talcum powder if they use that on their body.


You can even double up by using Hot Foot Oil on the doorknobs in the house, dripping some in their shampoo bottle or body wash.

Remove Hot Footing from YOU

But what if you are the one stepping in the hotfoot powder. What can you do to fix this situation? It is suggested that you will need to take a spiritual bath, or a cleansing bath. When you have finished the bath the idea is to throw the water onto the path crossed with the hot foot powder. That is said to remove the jinx and it will protect you. However, in this century it’s going to be very hard to throw water everywhere that you have walked without causing people to look at you weird. The best thing you can do is have a spiritual bath and continue on with your general spiritual protection.

Older suggestions from the hoodoo tradition, suggest wearing black pepper in your shoes to keep an enemy from being able to hotfoot you!

Recommended books:

Utterly Wicked, Hexes, Curses By Dorothy Morrison

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