Spells to Stop Gossip and Slander w beef tongue

Have you ever wondered how to stop gossip? First, you might confront and warn them to get your name off their mouth, but if they refuse, you can bind their tongue with magick.

There are several spells that can be used to achieve your goal. I have shared a few examples below.

Example one Spell to Stop Gossip and Slander

Items Needed:

  • A long, fresh, unbroken leaf of either mullein or hound’s tongue.
  • A yellow candle
  • 64 inches of black thread
  • A blue permanent marker
  • Any personal item of the person(s) creating the gossip.
  • 2 needles or pins
  • A beryl stone
  • Any combination of herbs; clove, devil’s shoestring, and slippery elm.


If you can’t get the personal items of the individual(s), create a poppet to represent them or simply write down their names on a piece of paper.


  • Choose a suitable location free from all disturbances.
  • Start by casting a circle and calling on the quarters to assist you in this spell.
  • Clear your mind and spend the next few minutes meditating on your intention.
  • Light the candle.
  • Think about the individual(s) who gossip about you and write their names on the leaf’s upper side.
  • Place the personal item(s) on top of the leaf, then press them firmly between your palms and say:

“As this leaf was once of the earth, it is now the gossiping tongue of [mention the name].”

Hold the leaf between your thumb and index finger and pass it slowly through the candle flame.


Tongue of flame: Spitfire, your words of slander come to a halt.

No more shall you speak such rotten words of me.

Back-biter, two-facer, shit-talker, trust-breaker, STOP!

[mention the name]Leave Me Alone!

Roll up the leaf and stick the needles into it. It should pierce firmly through the leaf in an X formation.

Begin to wrap the leaf with the thread in a counter-clockwise fashion.

Add the stones and pieces of herbs and bind them to the leaf.

Ensure that every item is bound securely to the piece, and when that is done, drip a good amount of candle wax on the thread and press it firmly.


Your words against me are useless.

Your tongue is tied, your gossip bound.

Your slander has no place here.

[Mention the name]: Leave me alone!


To end this spell, close the circle and dispose of the spell remnant at a place where the target will come close to it without actually seeing it. For example, you can bury it at their home or hide it in their desk at work.

Example Two – Spell to Stop Gossip

Items needed:

  • A cow tongue,
  • A pen
  • Sturdy twine
  • A knife
  • A piece of paper


  • Using the knife, slit the center of the cow tongue.
  • Write the individual’s name on the piece of paper and stick it into the opening you have made.
  • Use the twine to wrap the tongue tightly.
  • While doing that, state your intention. For example, you can say:

Out of sight, out of mind,

Your wicked talk, I now bind.

Your words go far away from me,

As I will, so it shall be.”

When you are done, take the tongue to somewhere far away and bury it.


Example Three – Spell to Stop a Rumor Using Black Pepper

Items needed:

  • Salt
  • A can of ground black pepper
  • A piece of black cloth
  • A whole beef tongue
  • A spool of black cord
  • A fountain pen
  • Dragon’s Blood ink
  • A piece of virgin parchment paper
  • 9 steel pins
  • A whip or leather belt


  • Starting from the base, slit the beef tongue in half and leave the tip intact.
  • On the parchment paper, write down your intention. For example:

“May the wagging tongue of (name) burn till bitter turns to sweet.”

Place the paper lengthwise in the center of the beef tongue then pour black pepper on the entire center.

Close the tongue and use the steel pins to fasten it. Put four pins on each side, and the tip should be pierced with the ninth pin.

Use the black cord to wrap the tongue from the base to tip. Ensure that it is done tightly.

Place the tongue on the black cloth and hide it in a dark closet or under a piece of furniture.

At 6 a.m. every morning, rise up and whip the tongue with the leather strap. Do that angrily and every day until the tongue decays and begins to smell.

Finally, cover the tongue with salt and wrap it in the black cloth. Dispose of it into a water body; river, lake, stream, ocean, etc.

Say this:

“As I throw this tongue into this water, May her/his mouth be cleaned.”

Go home through a different route, and when you arrive, rinse your mouth with saltwater, wash your hands with saltwater and eat something that is sweet.

After this spell, do not complain nor mention the name of the gossip, and very soon, the rumors will stop.


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