A 3-Day Money Spell

money spell


Most of us at some time or another have financial problems or opportunities to grow financially! We may not have enough money, or we may not manage our money very well. This is a spell to help you with money and your attitude towards money, and should be performed around the time of the Full Moon, which happens to be tomorrow – September 20th, 2021!

You will need

  • AT LEAST, A SINGLE NOTE OF THE LARGEST DENOMINATION OF REAL MONEY YOU CAN AFFORD. You may wish to offer additional money to the spell along the way!
  • An offering for the Moon ! – I suggest it be something like a cake or some sweets. This offering is something of a celebration that you could potentially share with a friend or eat to celebrate completing the spell.

If you don’t have a green candle or a money drawing oil, I recommend you use a white candle and then dress it with olive oil. Olive oil is pure and sacred. You may wish to look up the magical correspondences of some of the herbs you have in your cupboard at home. Basil and cinnamon are two of my favorites, and both are very common herbs that you probably have in your cupboard. These also happened to be extremely powerful herbs for money spells.


Yes, this is a three-day spell, and I will say that for this moon which is a harvest moon, the energy of the moon is powerful three days before and three days after the full moon. So you have a large window of time to perform this spell.


  • Two days before the Full Moon, take the green candle to your sacred space.
  • Carve several dollar signs on the candle, thinking of a more prosperous life as you do so.
  • Anoint the candle with the money drawing essential oil.
  • Place it in the holder and set it in the middle of your sacred space.
  • Light the green candle.
  • Spread out your ‘money’ in front of the burning candle.
  • Handle it, sort it, play with it. Even if it is one single note, hold it and feel the value of that money.
  • Spend at least 5 to 10 minutes thinking about your attitude to money.
  • Then extinguish the candle.
  • Set the money under the candle.


  • The next night, bring some more money into the spell. How does it feel to see the money sitting there under the candle? Do you feel like you need to spend the money right away? Put the money in the table on front of you.
  • Light the candle again.
  • During the second ritual visualize the money coming to you from any direction. Know that your higher self will never bring you something you can’t handle. So you need to put the vibration out there that you can handle money coming your way. It’s important not to put limitations on the way the money comes to you. Trust that spirit will look after you and your best interests. During the next 10 to 15 minutes, try and fight negative thoughts or limiting thoughts that would stop money from coming your way. By the end of the 10 to 15 minutes you must feel like you’re vibrating and energy which would attract money without limitations.
  • After 10 to 15 minutes, extinguish the candle.
  • Placed the money under the candle.


  • The third night, the night of the Full Moon, do the same again; and you may wish to bring some more money onto the table.
  • Think about how you would help others. Think about how your money will provide a better lifestyle for the people you care about or even people you don’t know. The key idea here is to not have a lot of pity on yourself and that you are able to think outside of your own needs. Sometimes when we are so desperate, the desperation limits the flow of energy to us. By opening ourselves to the possibilities of what we would do with money should it be no issue, we are opening our mind to the abundance of the universe can potentially share with us.
  • Leave an offering next to your candle tonight – This is your offering to the Gods (to the moon perhaps?).

What to do with the money?

You can consider this money blessed money. So if there’s something that you really want right now that would benefit your life by purchasing it with this money…….purchase it now because you deserve it!

But if you don’t need anything, don’t feel like it needs to burn a hole in your wallet. Meaning you don’t have to spend it on just junk. Learn to have a better relationship with money. This is a technique you can start right now to begin that relationship.


The money you have used during this Ritual should be placed in a box or money mojo bag for at least a month. Each month you could do a similar ritual as to the one we did above this month, and add to the cash in the box. So every month you would bring out the cash, bless the money with the three day ritual and put it back in the box growing a little more each time.

You can add special items in the box as well that are renowned for attracting money. There are many stones for this purpose, but for this month I suggest green tourmaline.

You could also carry or wear green tourmaline to attract cash.




Credit: Black Witch Savannah #BWS


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