Moon Spell Casting Correspondences For The Twelve Lunar Signs


The moon travels through different zodiac signs and these signs are very important considerations, to decide when is the best time to cast your magical spell. The moon remains in each zodiac sign for approximately 2.5 days then it briefly becomes neutral before moving to the next sign.

Having a good knowledge of the movement of the moon will enable you to know the different energies that you can use for your spells.

In this blog, we have created a guide that will enable you to plan your rituals to coincide with the location of the moon as this will grant you full magical power to your rituals.

Moon in Aries

Aries is a Fire sign. During this sign it is ideal to make spells that involve protection, authority, leadership, power, spiritual conversion and rebirth.

Suitable for healing spells on: Face and head.

Candle color: Red and crimson.

Moon in Taurus:

Taurus is one of the most stubborn signs in the zodiac and it also ruled by planet Venus. Taurus is the first earth sign in the zodiac. It is perfect for love spells, material acquisitions, money and business.

Suitable for healing spells on: throat, neck and ear.

Candle color: shades of green, pink and turquoise.

Moon in Gemini:

Gemini is considered a difficult sign to work with because as an air sign most spells cast tend to divert. This calls for serious caution while working with this sign. This time is ideal for communication, public relations, creativity, fresh ideas, and travel spells.

Suitable for healing spells on: shoulders, arms, hands and lungs.

Candle color: pink

 Moon in Cancer:

Cancer is a cardinal water sign and this time is perfect for family and domestic life spells.

Suitable for healing spells on: chest and stomach.

Candle color: silver, gray and white.

 Moon in Leo:

This is the second fire sign and this moon is ideal for spells of courage, self-confidence, employment, career, leadership, fertility and motherhood.

Suitable for healing spells on: column, back and heart.

Candle color: golden, yellow and orange.

 Moon in Virgo:

Although an earth sign, Virgo is ruled by planet Mercury. This period is ideal for spells related to education, diet, health and healing.

Suitable for healing spells on: intestines and nervous system.

Candle color: shades of blue and purple.

 Moon in Libra:

The Moon in Libra has a profound balance of energies and it is ideal for spells on legal issues, relationships, romance and partnerships.

Suitable for healing spells on: End of the spine and kidneys.

Candle color: blue.

 Moon in Scorpio:

Scorpio is the perfect moon for advanced ritual works such as divination and psychic powers. Spells of sexuality, fertility, infidelity and revealing secrets are best for this moon.

Suitable for healing spells on: genital organs, uterus and bladder.

Candle color: red and black.

 Moon in Sagittarius:

Sagittarius is the third and final fire sign. It is suitable for spell workings on sports, legal issues, protection, education and business trips.

Suitable for healing spells on: liver, thighs and waist.

Candle color: purple and dark blue.

 Moon in Capricorn:

This is the third and final earth sign in the zodiac. The moon in Capricorn is perfect for spells of organization, personal recognition and ambition.

Suitable for healing spells on: knees, bones, teeth or skin.

Candle color: black and brown.

Moon in Aquarius:

This moon is suitable for spells on developing psychic abilities, friendship and overcoming addictions.

Suitable for healing spells on: ankles, feet and blood.

Candle color: light blue.

 Moon in Pisces:

Pisces is the strongest sign suitable for spells on divination, dream magic, clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis and lucid dreaming.

Suitable for healing spells on: lymphatic glands.

Candle color: light green and lavender.

Best ritual results are gotten when performed during the appropriate signs. You should have an accessible lunar calculator to avoid missing out on the different moon signs and rituals.


Source: Book of Shadows of Fire by Valkyrja

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