• First come the Ancestors, giving homage to the ones who came before us.
  • Our Ancestors are then followed by the Orishas, the spiritual guardians who govern the forces of nature. Orishas watch over and protect us. Sustaining our daily needs through nature as we live, learn, love, elevate.
  • Then least but not least, The Creator God Almighty, who created the universe and everything in it.

Before favor is asked, homage is given to Eshu-Elegba, the Orisha of the crossroads. He owns all the paths, all the doors, all the roads, both in the material world, as well as the spiritual world. He is the divine messenger, to the other Orishas, and especially to God Almighty.

Other spiritual paths and religions have their own spiritual equivalents to this powerful Orisha, but all roles are the same.

There is a saying………….“All Paths Lead To The Same Destination.”

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