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Magical Properties:

  • Used at the third eye, it may initiate psychic abilities or powers, as it will activate the pineal gland and open your connections to spirit.
  • helps to balance the male and female aspects of your personality
  • it will work through the fifth chakra to aid your creativity and communication.
  • By opening the third eye it commonly brings through enhanced visionary abilities
  • It is well known for its healing properties and its energy may be an aid to heal weakness within the thyroid gland and throat


Lapis Lazuli jewelry

Lapis Lazuli  is commonly made into beautiful jewelry, and this lovely blue stone is one of the more powerful healing crystals for you to wear. Wearing this blue crystal will both balance your inner self with your external self, and help to harmonize the male-female facets of your personality, as well as helping to relax you. Beautiful pieces of these psychic crystals are usually available quite easily, including lovely Lapis Lazuli necklaces with beads as well as pendants made from this crystal.

If you purchase a pendant made from this crystal, wearing it near the throat will be very effective to stimulate psychic abilities.

Wearing earrings made from this stone will resonate within both the throat and third eye area. Note that this stone can be very stimulating, sometimes too much, but it is an individual thing.

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