Harvest Spell 

(author unknown)

  • Set an orange candle on either side of the caldron.
  • On a piece of small paper write the things you have harvested over the past year, light the paper from one of the candles and let it burn in the cauldron.
  • After it is done put some corn or squash seeds in the cauldron.
  • Stir” the seeds with your wand visualizing white light coming from the tip of the wand, filling the cauldron and entering the seeds.
  • When you feel the seeds have absorbed their fill stop, put the seeds into another container to be kept on the altar until next years planting.

Lammas Bread Protection Spell

A book of Anglo-Saxon charms advised the crumbling of the Lammas loaf into four pieces and the burying of them in the four corners of the barn to make it safe for all the grain that would be stored there. You can use this old spell craft in a protection spell for your home.

Bake a Lammas loaf, and when it is cool break it into four pieces don’t cut it with a knife and take one to each corner of your property with the words:

I call on the spirits Of north, and south, east and west
Protect this place, Now, at the time of the Blessing.

Leave the bread for the birds to eat or bury the pieces.

Lammas Bounty Spell

Lughnasadh; it is a celebration of plenty and optimism, and of nature’s infinite bounty. It is the time of the first harvests, and it marks midsummer’s joyous and fanciful energy. This spirit is celebrated, too, in Shakespeare’s A Mid-Summer’s Night Dream.

To tap into this energy, gather a small bundle of long grass or reeds to braid, and light a white candle.

Braid the grass as you speak this verse:

Fairies prancing in the meadow, Spirits in the corn;
Green Man is flourishing everywhere On this Midsummer morn.
Grains begin to ripen, All things bear fruit.
Summer glistens with possibility, Blossoms take root.
Fairies whisper secrets, Powerful blessings to see.
Cycles move and all around, they share their gifts with me.
Air to fire, Fire to water, Water to earth, Earth to air.
Elements feed spirit, And the circle glows.
At Lammas, day and night, We witness Nature’s awesome might.
Growing full And blessing all,
‘Tis Earth’s celebration Before the chill of fall.
Now braiding this grass, I mark this day
Protect my hearth, With the abundance of grain.
The blessings of the Goddess come again;
Place the braid above my door. Hunger be banished now and then.
Blessings be drawn to this place, Summer’s energy fill this space.
Air, fire, water, earth unite, And bless us all this day.

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