Idea #1

Kindle a Lammas fire of herbs and wood to commemorate the Sun’s passing.  Say goodbye to the Sun by saying:

We thank You God of Sun and Light, for warming us from dawn ’til night.  For fertilizing all on Earth, for bringing us Your cheer and mirth.  For laughter, joy, and shining ray, for guiding us along our way.  And as You go, we hold You dear, until the winter brings You near.  And with the Yule You’re born anew.  Goodbye, dear Sun, we shall miss You.”

Thank the Mother for Her bountiful gifts by blessing the onions, garlic, and grain stables in your kitchen (flour, cornmeal, oatmeal, and so on).  Line them up on the altar or counter, place your hands over them, and say:

We thank You, Mother, for these gifts, for meal and bulbs and that which sifts.  Please bless these items with Your grace, and hold them dear within their space.  So as we eat, Your blessings flow, within, without – from head to toe.”

Bake magickal bread in celebration of the harvest.  This doesn’t have to be difficult or take all day.  Just use frozen bread dough, and knead in a tablespoon or two of fresh herbs when it thaws (basil, oregano, dill, parsley, and chives are all good choices).  As you eat the bread, say:

“Cycle of Life contained herein, Birth and Death and Birth again.  Help me to understand my role, in life, and help me cleanse my soul.  So I may walk this path with ease, as I will so mote it be.”

Idea #2

Perform prosperity magick for the coming months by making a Witches’ Bottle.  Just gather together a small bottle with a tight-fitting cork, a fish hook, some clover, a bit of cinnamon, and a few coins.  As you place the materials in the bottle, visualize money coming to you from all directions.  Cork the bottle and seal it with a bit of wax from the altar candles, then enchant it by saying:

“Money come alive and grow, pour down on me both high and low. 

By herb and hook and glass and coin, prosperity and I now join. 

Paper money and coins that shine, come to me, for you are mine.”

Bury the bottle near your front door.  If that’s not possible, set the bottle in a place where it won’t be disturbed.

Idea #3

Solitary Lammas Ritual 

from: Secrets of a Witch

loaf of bread

The Chime is rung three times. Say:

“I come to this space in celebration Within the Sacred Garden of the Gods.
The Sun God, He gives forth light and the energy of life to all.
Through the Goddess and from the Goddess All things grow and mature.
It is She who is the bearer of life and rebirth of the Harvest to come.
The land is full and must be tended. Let me now share Her bounty.”

Break off a piece of bread and eat it. Prepare a candle for lighting, saying:

“I must open myself to change. To do so, I must abandon my faults, Refresh and vitalize the body and spirit, And embrace growth as I prepare for what is to become; For what the future holds, Yet for me to grow it is necessary for a part of me to die.”

Light the candle, declare any faults you would like to be cleansed of, and stick the candle in the ground before you. The Energy Circle is raised and at its climax blow out the candle. After a moment of meditation, say:

“Out of the death of this small part of me, life begins anew.”

The ritual is complete and the circle is released.

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