Quick Tips

  • BMW suggests making the oil on the most auspicious day for the oil purpose. For example if you’re making a love oil, Friday in the hour of Jupiter would be the best time to make your oil.
  • As you blend the oils, visualize your intent, and take in the aroma.
  • Keep them in dark-colored glass bottles, and be sure to label them for use. See Amber bottles
  • SWIRL not STIR the oil mix.
    • clockwise direction swirl for positive oils
    • anti-clockwise for baneful oils


  • Dosage /Measurements for ingredients: Equal Parts refers usually to 1 drop, 1 gram, 1 cup, 1 tsp. or 1 oz. Unless otherwise noted.
  • For oil to raw material ratio here is a basic start point. 2 ounces oil per 2 tablespoons herb or flower. (so if the recipe calls for 1 tbsp the carrier oil would be 0.5oz)
  • When working with a batch, mix the oils into a larger container and then transfer into the smaller storage bottles. Using droppers to add or a pipette.



Label, date, and store in a cool, dark place

Always label the batch working with this information.

  • The Name of the Oil
  • The Oil Ingredients
  • The Date you worked it.


For Oil Recipes

– See BWC Oil Recipe Grimoire

You may find this article helpful to learn how easy it is to make your own magic oil: https://blackmagicwitch.com/make-your-own-magical-oils/

We also sell storage bottles too.

If you have any questions please ask and will try and come back and answer these questions on this page.

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