Make your own magical oils

make your own magic oils

Here is a quick and easy way to make your own oils for all sorts of magic at home. Follow this system and you will not need to buy our oils again!

There are three methods to make magical oils. Let’s call them the Good, Better, & Best! Actually, there are lots of different ways, but when you’re making magic oils, as opposed to making essential oils, it’s much more affordable no matter which way you look at it. You don’t have to cold press rose petals to create a few drops of essential oil. Making magical oils is a lot different. Let’s start off with my suggestion for the best quality magical oil.


This is when you buy all of the oils (pure essential) that are needed for the magic oil and place them in the carrier oil.


You do not have the mess to clean up, any straining, draining, or worry of rancidity.


This method is very expensive to use, and if you do not go through a trusted company you may end up with lower end products for ridiculous prices.

This method also does not involve you in the process as much as the other two. You are not grinding herbs, or selecting them. You are not putting as much energy into the herbal mixture as you would be if you were working directly with your hands.

To create your magical oil with essential oils, you just add drops of the essential oils in the suggested quantities, and voila! you have a magical oil!

For example, say you wanted to make your own van van oil. Van Van is a very popular oil for creating success in your life. You can strengthen the power of the user or of the spell itself.

To make Van Van Oil you could add the following to some sweet almond oil, and then your Van Van Oil is ready:

  • 20 drops lemongrass oil
  • 15 drops citronella oil
  • 15 drops palmarosa oil
  • 15 drops vetiver oil


This is probably the best method you could possibly use.


The magic oils are the highest quality because YOU made them. You are in contact with the herbs themselves, the tools, and the carrier oils. You can put more intent and concentration into the mixture as you grind the herbs.


It takes effort and a few hours of preparation.


  • Herbs that are suitable for that specific oil. You’ll probably need 1 tablespoon of each herb to about one cup of oil.
  • Oil – for suggestions on what oil, see the bottom of this article
  • Double Boiler


Place the oil in the top of the double boiler and add the herbs. Make sure the oil covers the herbs, if it does not, add a bit more oil. The bottom pan must be in a rolling boil, but not splattering. Keep the boiling consistent. Cover the herbs.

As the herbs sit in the top of the pan, in the oil, the essential oils will come out of them. That is where the power is. Think of the purpose of the oil you are creating. Think about the properties of each of the ingredients and what they will do for your magical oil.

Option – If you use a magical wand to create energy, you may wish to infuse the oil with some energy from your wand at this time.

Every half-hour or so, stir the herbs with a wooden spoon.

Leave them steep from one hour to three hours on the stove. You will have to add water to the bottom pan as it evaporates every now and again so be careful to check it.

The Straining Process:

When the mixture is coloured nicely and has a full-bodied aroma, it is time to strain the herbs from the oil. Carefully remove the pot from the stove and have your strainers set into place with the paper towel or cheesecloth in them. Do this over the sink.

Slowly pour the mixture through the strainers. It will take some time for the oil to come out, but be patient. You may want to squeeze all of the oil that you can out of the herbs with your wooden spoon.

You may wish to re-strain the oil to get the clearest possible colour and keep stray herbs out of the bottom of the mixture.

When the mixture has cooled, place the oil into a dark-coloured bottle, either cobalt blue or amber, using a small funnel or an eyedropper. If you do not have these types of jars, a regular canning jar will suffice, but store it in a cool, dark, place.

Add two drops of tincture of Benzoin to each 2 dram bottle. Do not go overboard with this stuff, it can alter the natural odour of the oil.

Using the example of creating a Van Van Oil, with this method you would add the following herbs and ingredients to Sunflower Oil or Almond Oil:

  • Vetiver
  • a handful of lemongrass
  • a handful of dried “citronella” geranium
  • Palmarosa
  • Ginger “chunk”

Tip – you would add a stone to the master bottle that just sits in there. Personally, I add pyrite.

There are many great recipes for van van oil, and I recommend that you grab a herb book and look at the properties of each of the herbs before you add each to your oil. You can create a very strong personalised oil if you follow your own recipe. Of course, you can start from a base recipe such as the one above, but chop and change it over time to make it your own and most importantly, tailor it so the magic of the herbs is right for you and your situation.


The good method is the same as above, except it is more like making tea. You place the measured amounts of herbs into about 1 cup of water and boil them, covered, for about a half-an-hour.


This method is much shorter than the oil method, simply because the water extracts the oils from the herbs more quickly than the oils do.

The straining process is the same, as is the bottling. You do not need a tincture of Benzoin in these mixtures unless you want to add it.

How long would the oils last?

Herbal oils made with water can last quite a while, maybe a few years.

Ones made with oils should be returned to the earth (as in poured out into the ground) in six months to a year, even when the tincture is added. 

Oils made with mineral oil last a lot longer. Most frequently these are the oils you will buy online or from your local botanicas.

TIP – Remember to hold the herb and thank it for the energy it brings, before you add it to the oil.

The Base Oil

Carrier or base oils have magical properties too. They’re the foundation of the oil blends you make for anointing and to use in spells, rites and rituals.

Almond Oil (sweet) – Prunus Dulcis

Planet: Mercury

Element: Air

Ideal carrier for: Wisdom and Prosperity blends

Apricot Kernel Oil – Prunus Armeniaca

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Ideal carrier for: Love, Emotions and Hormonal Balance blends

Avocado Oil – Persea Americana

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Ideal carrier for: Love, Aphrodisiac and Fertility blends

Coconut Oil (liquid/fractionated) – Cocos Nucifera

Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Ideal carrier for: Transformation, Purification and Protection blends

Grapeseed Oil – Vinis Vinifera

Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Ideal carrier for: Abundance, Fertility, Mental Powers blends

Jojoba Oil (Liquid Wax) – Simmondsia Chinensis

Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Ideal carrier for: Healing and Love blends

Olive Oil (extra virgin cold pressed) – Olea Europaea

Planet: Sun

Element: Fire

Ideal carrier for: All-purpose blend. If you only have 1 carrier oil in your collection, make it this one.

Rose Hip Oil – Rosa mosqueta

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Ideal carrier for: Love, Soulmate Summoning, Healing and Beauty blends

Bottling Your Oil

Creating potions, lotions, oils and spell mixes requires beautiful storage.

You don’t have to go to a warehouse and buy in bulk. Black Magic Witch supplies a wide range of bottles and jars, both in glass and plastic, to aid you in this endeavour. Ranging from 1/2 dram bottles to 16 oz jars, you’ll find what you need here.


As you blend the oils, visualize your intent, and take in the aroma.

Label, date, and store in a cool, dark place.

To see our full range of individual bottles click here

Be Inspired!

I hope this has inspired you to start looking into making your own oils. We have a few recommendations for oil and formula books:

  1. Scott Cunningham’s Incense, Oils & Brews
  2. Encyclopedia of Herbs– I believe everyone should have a copy of this book on hand, as Cunningham was the expert in this area. If you don’t wish to read the book, he did make a DVD called Herb Magic. Cunningham has since passed (RIP), so the DVD is a tad dated but well worth the watch.
  3. Helping Yourself with Magikal Oils by Maria Solomon is an a to z list of magical herbs and oils with their uses, and some great authentic formulas too!.

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