Common Reasons Why Your Spells Didn’t Work

One of the most common questions we receive from our subscribers is: “I did a spell but it didn’t work and I want to know why?” The truth is that every witch has wondered when a spell is going to work, if it worked, or why it didn’t work. First, I would like to say that in magick, there are many variables. There are several laws to understand, and rules to obey. Magick is an experiment, and there is no 100 percent guaranty. You can learn its major correspondences to increase your chances of success.

Have you ever performed a spell that didn’t work? If yes, the following could be the reasons why it was unsuccessful.

Common Reasons Why Your Spells Didn’t Work

Spiritual weakness:

Every spell requires some level of spiritual strength from the spell caster before it would work. If you don’t have the spiritual power to obtain the focus needed for the spell then your chances of success would be minimal.

Also, if you are performing a spell against someone who is stronger than you spiritually, then it might not work. You have to increase your spiritual strength before trying again.

Lack of Faith:

I have met some persons who perform spells with a skeptical mindset but complain when they don’t see the results they wanted. Listen up. If you lack faith, if you doubt the effectiveness of the spell, or if you feel that it will not work, then it would definitely not work.

You must have faith before and after performing the spell. Your thoughts will attract the results that you desire.

Unclear intentions

Spells are powered by your intention. Take a look at the spell you performed. Were your intentions specified clearly? If you were vague, could you have already received what you asked for? Let us assume that you asked for love but didn’t specify romantic love. After performing the spell, you have been experiencing platonic love expressions from people. In such a case, your spells worked, although differently, because you were not specific about your intention.

Always state your intentions clearly. If possible, use specific and straightforward words.  Write them down and channel all your energy towards making them work.

Unrealistic intention

If magick could solve all intentions, I think that most users would have abused it. For example, imagine someone who lives in a remote area requesting to fall in love with a celebrity that they have only seen on television. Such spell would likely be unsuccessful.

Lack of concentration:

During the spell, were you focused and concentrated? Intense concentration increases the spell’s energy, and such energy drops when you let your thoughts wander. Learn how to relax your body, meditate, and channel your energy towards the work.

Unsuitable substitution

Did you use the correct ingredients and follow the right procedures? I know that some ingredients might be difficult to get, and sometimes my students ask me if they can substitute an item for another.

Before substituting, don’t forget that different colors, plants, crystals, and objects have their unique power, which they contribute to the spell. That’s why we use them!

If you must substitute any item, ensure that they have similar energies. However, avoid too many substitutions as that can contaminate the energy you are trying to build.

Negative confessions:

After every spell, your confessions should be in line with your intention. Assuming that you performed a money spell that is yet to manifest, don’t keep saying, “I don’t have any money” “I can’t afford it” “I am broke” etc. Even if that is true, don’t keep reinforcing it.  Be positive in your speech, and your spell will work.

It wasn’t meant to be:

Although our Will has immense power, it still has to interact with other laws of nature before a result can be achieved. Sometimes, magick and counter-magick, actions of humans, angels, gods, and spirits could stand against our Will. It’s all part of the swirling ecosystem that connects all the Worlds. What should you do when you discover that it wasn’t meant to be? You can either try again using a different method or let it go.

Magick isn’t easy; if it were, everyone would be practicing it. In conclusion, for your spell to work, there must be harmony between your intentions, thoughts, hopes, and the energy deposited into the spell.

No matter what happens after the spell, just know that magic always works. When you don’t get the answer you expected, it simply means that the Universe said NO!

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