Full Moon Releasing Ritual

full moon ritual

November’s full moon falls on Friday 19 November and peaks at 8.57am, according to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich

The moon is considered the ruler of all magical arts. You will often see magic rituals considering the phase of the moon:

  • Spells intended to increase something (like money), or intended to initiate something new (a fresh romance) are coordinated with the waxing moon. Begin these spells on or just after the New Moon
  • Spells intended to decrease something (like debt), or cast for the purpose of banishing (an enemy) are coordinated with the waning moon. Begin these spells on or just after the Full Moon
  • The Dark of the Moon, those few days where the moon is not visible, just prior to the rebirth of the New Moon, is controversial. Some traditions will not cast spells during this period. Others, particularly those devoted to Dark Moon spirits like Hecate or Lilith, consider this a period of profound magical power which may be exploited as needed

This Full Moon Releasing Ritual has been simplified to be accessible to beginners and for any practitioner who might want to share it with close friends who are not on the path. It is for anyone who would enjoy, or benefit from, liberating all that has served its purpose this year to make room for the mysteries of the upcoming one, for adventures yet to be had and time’s tales yet to be written…

You Will Need

Cleansing tool – sage, sandalwood or Palo Santo to smoke or spray.

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Something to represent each element

  • EARTH — soil/sand/crystal,
  • FIRE— candle,
  • AIR— feather/incense,
  • WATER — in a bowl or a glass
  • Something to symbolize the moon – I use a crystal sphere, but it could be a picture, the moon tarot card, a statue of a moon goddess, whatever you like. It could even be another candle.

Ritual Candle, carve or write your desire on it, and a plate to put it or the holder on – I like white or silver for the full moon, but it really doesn’t matter as long as it’s separate from the representation of the fire element. AND MATCHES, don’t forget the matches!

Paper (notebook) and pen

13 bay leaves or small pieces of paper 

A table or place to perform this ritual

A drink for yourself

Optional extras:anointing oil – something that represents the full moon, crystals to grid your space/altar, sacred robes and jewelry, tweezers or small tongs, anything that helps you create a sacred space, and any tools you might regularly use in a ritual.

Let’s Get Started!

  • First bring everything you are going to use into your chosen space.
  • Shower or bathe stating your intent to cleanse and dedicate yourself to the ritual you are about to perform, verbally. It can be as simple as “I’m preparing my body for the ritual ahead…..” while you’re doing that imagine a shower of white light cleansing your light/aura/ethereal body. Dress in your chosen attire.
  • Cleanse and dedicate your space. Smudge your area including yourself and the tools you have gathered and again, verbally state/explain what you are doing “I cleanse and dedicate this space and everything in it to the ritual ahead” If you want to give a shout out to every item, have at it, I would. I’m just trying to keep this as inclusive and as simple as I can.
  • Call in each element and dedicate the item you have chosen to represent it. For example, hold the item aloft saying, “I call in the element of fire”then place it on your altar and light the candle. Hold the next item aloft and say, “I call in the element of water etc


And how to release?

Here are 4 easy Full Moon release ceremonies.

Wash it away

Allow yourself to fully feel what is coming up for you at this time.

Write it down, talk it out, allow your body to fully immerse in the emotion, then… Wash it off.

Take a shower, frolic in the ocean, luxuriate in the bath, dance outside in the rain.

Cry it out.

Crying can be incredibly cathartic, transmuting grief and pain as you literally let it go.

How does it feel to have that weight lifted from your chest?

Burn baby burn (this is the ritual we do as a group)

Write down on a piece of paper what is no longer serving you:

What are you afraid of?
What are you really afraid of?
Who are you angry at?
Who has slighted you?
What frustrates you?
What is holding you back from your New Moon intention?
Who do you need to forgive? (don’t leave yourself off the list)

  • Get your pen and purge onto the page.
  • Grab your matches, your candle, and burn that list.

OPTIONAL:: gather a group of your sisters/brothers and gather around a fireplace, campfire- or candlelight will do.

  • Thrust your lists into the flame and let ’em BURN.

Check-in : how does that feel? Lighter?

Shake your booty
This one you can do at home with music cranked in your lounge-room, or get outside into nature – your backyard, the beach, or even the park.

Even better- get together with a group and have a good laugh while you’re doing it- the best medicine!

Go for it! Shake your booty, shake your whole body, get your whirl on.


Return to your New Moon intention: what did you invite into your life in this lunar cycle?

Do you feel like you have now created more space to welcome this in?


What comes into your life as a result? I’m a big believer in paying attention to results to determine effectiveness, so pay attention to whether things start to shift and change in your external world as a result of you letting go through these simple release practices.

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