How to Consecrate the Tarot Cards

Before using your tarot, you are expected to consecrate and charge them. Below I will share with you some ideas on how to:

  • Consecrate Your Tarot Cards
  • Bless your cards with the Goddess
  • How to prepare for Tarot Readings
  • Table of card meanings

Ritual to Consecrate Your Tarot Cards

We have already bought our deck of Tarot cards. Now we must get the necessary elements:

  • a little salt,
  • a stick of incense,
  • a little water and
  • one violet or white candle.

All these are for the energetic cleansing of the cards, by means of the 4 elements: fire (a candle), air (the smoke of a stick or cone of incense), earth (consecrated salt) and water (consecrated).


Take the mallet (without the cover) and pass it through the flame of the candle and say:

“I cleanse you in the name of the God and the Goddess with the Fire and I eliminate from you all dirt and negativity that you may have, that’s why you’re clean, so be it. “

Repeat with each element. While doing this, you must visualize all the negative energy leaving the cards. Once you have freed the negative energies, you can move on to the next step, which is ritual consecration.

To do this,  place the tarot cards on the pentacle, and while touching it with your skillful hand (usually the right hand if you are right-handed), say:

“I consecrate my Tarot Deck,

to be cleansed and purified,

so that it may help me to unveil the mysteries of the past, present and future,

in the name of the Mother Goddess and the Father God

you are consecrated. “

I like these words as well………

“I consecrate you,

Tarot Deck of (your name) with the powers of Air, Earth, Water, Fire and Spirit.

You will be used only for the good according to my will.

You will serve me to unveil the mysteries of the past, present and future, according to the law of the Gods. 

You will serve me well in the World, between Worlds and in all the Worlds.”

After this, load the card rub it in a single direction and visualise how it acquires our energy.

In the end, raise the deck with both hands to the sky, saying:

I charge you for the Ancient Gods: for the Goddess and the God

for the virtues of the Sun, Moon and Stars,

for the powers of Air, Fire, Water and Earth,

that you do good and do not harm anyone.

Ancient Gods, load these cards with your powers.

The ritual is finished, now you must keep your tarot either in a coloured cloth or in a wooden box.

Other Suggestions for Tarot Cards Cleansing


Use your finger to draw a circle in a clockwise direction around it, sprinkle a little salt and water inside the circle, and say: Banish any evil energy or spirit.”

2) Purification:

While using fresh and blessed water, spray a little in your tarot bag. Say “I purify this bag that will contain this valuable tarot so that all past influences are removed from it”.

3) Consecration:

While holding the bag, visualize it strongly as a charged object radiating positive influences. Then say: “Now I consecrate this bag for the sole purpose of protecting my sacred cards so that I can use them for positive purposes.”

4) Invocation:

Make a statement to a Higher Force to bless the consecrated element, for example, “May the Powers of Light radiate in and out and bless this valuable tool with the power of Truth.”

5) Banish:

You have to splash water and salt again inside your circle for the last time, saying  “I banish all residual forces from this workspace”, and draw your circle in the anti-clockwise direction, saying ” I close this place of work.

This ritual is simple and can be used to consecrate any magic tool, clothing or jewelry, or even the altar itself. Once you have consecrated your object, you can invoke a specific deity to guide you whenever you are using your tarot.

A Goddess Blessing to Begin Divination

The following spell can be most effective in setting the tone for divination. It can be easily adapted to a variety of situations.

1 Ground and centre.

2 Perform an invoking Pentagram of Earth,  over the medium used for divination eg your tarot deck.

invoking Pentagram of Earth
invoking Pentagram of Earth









3. Say:

“O Great Goddess (the name of your favored goddess can be substituted here)

 I ask that I may be guided to see the events of the past as they relate to the matter in hand,

from these visions give me the power to see how the future might unfold so that I may give wise counsel to those who are involved.”

4. Visualize yourself successfully divining using your chosen method.

5. Then say:

“I bless all who are affected by this divination,

may they find their true path in the light of the Great Spirit.

So mote it be!”

Question to Blonde Gypsy –  “how do you prepare for your tarot readings?”

There are a variety of tools I use to enhance my connection to source when I’m perceiving.

Below are the herbs I use to improve psychic power and induce visions.

The most important thing you can do is prepare the herb/s properly. Therefore, I’m a little sceptical of some readymade brews, as not all the ingredients work if you prepare them the same way. (I pay less attention to the smoking blends as, while an ingredient may not be at its best being smoked, you don’t tend to ruin another ingredient like you would if you boiled a blend for 15 minutes to activate the Mugwort while simultaneously over extracting the Yarrow flowers for example.)

The herbs that follow are the ones I always have in my cabinet, as I can reliably grow or source them and more importantly, they consistently work for me. And they are all legal. *

Dandelion (Root) – Dried, roasted, ground and brewed like coffee can be ingested or the vapours inhaled

Yarrow (Flowers) – infused for tea

Mugwort (Leaves) – Burned/Smoked or Boiled vigorously for 10-15 minutes before being ingested

Damiana (Leaf) – Burned/Smoked or infused for tea

Coltsfoot (Leave or Root) – Burned/Smoked

Wormwood (Leaf) – Smoked *Wormwood oil is used in making Absinthe

Elecampane (Root) – Burned/Smoked

Wild Lettuce (Leaf or Stem) – Burned/Smoked

Dittany of Crete (Leaf)– Burned/Smoked

Ladies Mantle (Leaf) – Pollen or dried and powdered roots are added to any magical workings when you want to boost the yin factor

I usually have a mull for smoking both as a joint and/or burned over charcoal depending on my location and I prepare my brew as follows. In two small pots…

  • Pot 1 ’Coffee’ – brew dried, roasted and ground Dandelion root like you would Turkish coffee
  • Pot 2 ‘Tea’ – boil some Mugwort vigorously for 10-15 minutes. Strain into teapot/jug/large mug containing yarrow flowers and damiana leaf and leave to infuse/cool down.
  • Then combine in a cup the ‘coffee & tea’ before tuning in.

*I have deliberately left out a range of plants and herbs that are considered strongly psychedelic or illegal as it is a much more complex discussion.

Tarot Suit Table
Tarot Suit Table by Blonde Gypsy

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