Have you ever looked up to the sky and tried to read and understand the shapes of the clouds? Do you think it is even possible to understand the clouds? Well, that is what Aeromancy is all about.

Aeromancy, (from the Greek aero: “air” and manteia: “divination”,) is a means of divination through the interpretation of atmospheric phenomena such as cloud formations, wind currents, rain, fog, lightning, thunder, cosmological events, and positions favourable or unfavourable to the planet. All these are the premises used to make simple predictions or the more complex ones.

This branch of astrology was widely used in the olden days when people observed that atmospheric condition had great influence on people’s daily lives.

                                                                    Types of Aeromancy

•             Anemoscopy and austromancy – divination through the observation of wind patterns.

•             Capnomancy

•             Ceraunoscopy – divination by observing the patterns of thunder and lightning.

•             Chaomancy

•             Eromancy

•             Meteormancy – divination through the observation of meteors, comets and shooting stars.

•             Nephomancy – divination through observation of the patterns and shapes of clouds.

•             Roadomancy


The word Aeromancy was first recorded in Chambers Cyclopedia with Supplement, 1753.  It was defined as that department of science which deals with the atmosphere but not as a form of divination. So far, different variations of the word have been used. Meanwhile, in Deuteronomy 18, Aeromancy was condemned by Moses.


In aeromancy, the consultant closes his eyes, concentrates and asks the question he wants. When he opens them, he raises his eyes to the sky in search of possible answers, but for that, it is important to let oneself be guided by your intuition.


Go to a cool and quiet location then while in a relaxed state, throw your questions to the clouds in a simple and clear way in which the answer should be a yes or no. Observe the wind carefully and if it blows towards the north or the west the answer is positive. If it blows towards the south or the east, then the answer is negative.

If the wind does not blow in 10 minutes after the consultation, it means that it is not possible to have an immediate response. If a swirl of wind is formed, it means that the response is not favourable and that another technique should be used to complement the response.

Today, the visions that the clouds contain continue to generate consternation and anguish in those who see them but do not understand their meaning. Some people, including researchers, argue that aeromancy is dedicated to predicting the future by means of the signs left by all the spectra in the sky in the form of clouds and traces of past lives.

There are several theories that try to explain the operation of aeromancy. One of them says that the vague forms observed in the sky induce the seer’s psychic and provides him with concrete images that can be translated.  In addition, it is believed that the fortune teller can unconsciously induce the formation of figures that adapt to the question posed by the consultant. This is achieved through psychokinesis. Over time this prediction technique has been refined and many people use it for both simple predictions and more complex queries.







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