How to Protect Yourself From Nightmare Experiences

How to Protect Yourself From Nightmare Experiences

Having a good night sleep is very important because it helps to strengthen and refreshen the body. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to enjoy their sleep due to the series of nightmares they experience at night. Due to the strong impact caused by nightmares, many people can suffer attacks and even lose their lives.

In today’s article, we shall look at two rituals that can be performed to protect oneself from spiritual attacks through nightmares. If these rituals are done successfully, then the individual would be able to enjoy their sleep and have sweet dreams too.

Ritual One:

Before the commencement of the ritual, you must drive away the evil spirits, probably causing the nightmares. To do this, draw a circle around your bed with a chalk or flower petals. Light three white candles and place them in a triangular shaped container right in the center of the circle.

In a bowl full of water, place a handful of valerian leaves and before heating it, add petals of poppy flowers. After boiling, place the infusion near the circle. You will also need a twig of cedar to place under the bed and a white handkerchief. With your heart focused on your intention, recite:

“Guardian angel, protect and sweeten my dreams.”

Once you have said the prayer, take a sip of the infusion, and bless your forehead and lips with the white handkerchief, while trying to visualize a powerful light. This will help to eliminate the negative energy.

After some minutes of meditation, sprinkle some almond oil on your hands and blow out the candles. Finally, you should go to bed while repeating the prayer in your mind and instead of experiencing nightmares, you would experience sweet dreams.

Ritual Two:

Necessary Items: ·

Leaves of Rosemary

Lavender leaves


Place the Lavender and Rosemary leaves under your bed just before going to sleep. While lying down on your pillow, repeat the following protection spell:

“Good dreams I will have, from bad experiences I will get away”.

You can repeat this protection spell every night before you sleep. Do this consecutively and you will never experience nightmares again.

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