Elemental magick entails the use of the four fundamental elements found in nature; Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. The energies of these Elements can be used to either draw or repel things from us. The invocation of the Elements is one of the most ancient forms of magic. Moreover, it became a common practice in the Wicca community through the Ritual of the Circle that is performed to banish and protect a ritual space. Each Element corresponds to one of the cardinal points on the compass and is ruled by different spiritual forces. Before working with the Elements, you must have a proper understanding of their symbolic associations.

Descriptions of the Elements

Air Element

Direction: East

Time: First morning light in the springtime

Color: Yellow

Tool: Wand

Character: Hot & Wet

Tarot Suit: Swords

The Air Element is associated with the magical art of divination. It symbolizes movement, communication, and inspiration.

Invoking the Element of Air

Hail Guardians of the East,

I summon the powers of Air!

Windswept meadow,

Breath of life,

Fantastic torrent removing strife,

With clarity, the power to Know,

We invoke you!

(Participants should take a moment to focus on their breath, feeling the powers of Air in their lungs and body while examining the idea of clarity and knowing.)

By the Air that is her breath,

Be with us now!

Water Element

Time: Twilight of sunset in autumn.

Color: Ocean blue

Tool: Chalice

Tarot Suit: Cups

Character: Cold and Wet

Water brings life, and it can also take it away. Water holds the mystery of birth and the unknown depths of the oceans. This Element symbolizes fluidity, intuition, healing, and emotions. As the primal substance of life, it is symbolized by the womb and is related to fertility.

Invoking the Element of Water

“Spirit of the West, Spirit of the Water

You who are the Moon Mother,

You who are the Undines of the Rivers

And the sirens of the crashing ocean breakers.

You who are the Naiads of the grottos,

Come to me.

Spirit of the Shark,

Hear me.

Bring to these rites your deepest intuition and truest emotions,

Teach me to be flexible, to adapt, and flow like your waters.

With a ring of wave and rain and tears

I encircle this sacred space and all within

Let nothing enter unwelcomed.

Spirit of the Water, welcome and blessed be!”


Or you can recite a simpler one.

“Spirit of Water, Guardian of the West, you are my pathway to the Goddess, you bring me peace. Be with me now to be witness and guardian to this ritual.”

The Element of Fire

Direction: South

Time: High noon in the summertime.

Color: Red

Tools: Athamé and the sword

Tarot suit: Wand

Character: Hot and dry

Fire can create and destroy. This Element is associated with transformation, healing, and passion. It is also related to sexuality and divinity.

Invoking the Element of Fire

The following invocation is from the book titled “Embracing the Moon” by Yasmine Galemorn.

“Spirit of the South, Spirit of the Flame, and Faerie Fire.

You who are the crackle of bonfires,

You who are the golden Sun and glowing lava,

You who are the heat of the desert

and the sparkle of phosphorescence on the shore in the water.

Come to me.

Spirit of the Phoenix, Spirit of the Flame Dancers,

Please hear me.

Bring into these rites your spirit of creativity and passion,

Your ability to transmute and rise new from the Ashes.

With a ring of sunlight and lava, I encircle this sacred space and all within.

Let nothing enter unwelcomed.

Spirit of the Flame, welcome and blessed be!”


You can invoke this Element through meditation.


  • Assume a position that keeps your spine straight.
  • Visualize that you are in the middle of the Sun.
  • Feel and absorb the warmth of the Fire Element.
  • Visualize the qualities of fire needed to achieve your goal.
  • Imagine as your chosen quality fill your whole being.
  • Continue in this visualization and when you are done, end the meditation and return to your awareness.


Earth Element

Direction: North

Time: Midnight in the dead of winter.

Colors: Green and black

Tool: Pentacle

Character: Cold and dry

Tarot suit: Pentacle

Earth is the most stable and dependable Element. It represents abundance, prosperity, birth, death, and wealth. It is associated with fertility and solidity.

Invoking the Element of Earth

Hail Guardians of the North,

We summon the powers of Earth!

Cave of darkness,

Standing stone,

The celebration of flesh and bone,

With Stillness, the power of silence,

We invoke you!

(A strong moment of silence, feeling the body.)

By the Earth that is her body,

Be with us now!

The Spirit Element

While the four classical Elements—comprise the physical world, there is a Fifth Element, called Spirit (also known as Aether, Void, and Akasha).

The Aether is the fifth classical Element in ancient Greek philosophy and science. This Greek concept seems to derive directly from the akasha, its Hindu counterpart. In Greek doctrines, it seems that the Aether was the celestial fire, the pure essence where the gods lived and which they breathed. In this connection, it seems that Aether is a radiative heat like that of the Sun, which is able to propagate in empty space.

“Aether was once believed to be a substance, which filled all of space. Aristotle included it as a fifth element (the quintessence) on the principle that nature abhorred a vacuum.”


This Element is not specified in any direction as it exists within all the four Elements.  It serves as a connection and balance between the other Elements. The Spirit Element dwells in us. It is an Element of divine intelligence, which needs no specific symbols to be recognized. It is universal and infinite. Its colors are violet, white, or black, and its tool is the cauldron; symbol of transformation.

How to Connect With the Elements

Everyone is born with a special connection to one of the elements. After discovering your Element, how do you connect with it?

Simple steps

The major item needed for this ritual is an object that represents your Element. For example, for Water Element, you can use a cup of water, seashells, ice, blue candles, etc.

For Fire, use ashes, red cloth, matches, a red, orange, or yellow candle, etc.

Earth – a stone, plant, flowerpot of earth, etc.

Air – Incense, a fan, feather, etc.

Spirit – a clear crystal, a circle of twine, a purple candle, etc.

Ritual procedures:

  • Cast a protection circle.
  • Sit down in the middle of your circle.
  • Hold the object that represents your Element and stare into its depths.
  • Visualize yourself being filled and consumed by your Element.
  • Think of all the positive qualities of the Element and its influence in your life.
  • Now call forth the Element.
  • Open your mind to it, and if you have any request, state it.
  • Connect with your Element on a deep and powerful level.
  • When you are done, thank and dismiss the Element.
  • Close the circle and end the ritual.


While working with the Elements, a magician can also incorporate simple hand gestures that symbolize the qualities of the Element that is invoked. For example, when invoking Earth, they could outstretch their hands with the palms flat. This symbolizes the solid surface of the ground. For Fire, they could hold their fists closed to indicate energetic action. For Air, they could keep their hands vertically, and for Water, they could cup their hands.

Working with the Elements can help you gain a better understanding of yourself and increase your psychic abilities. When used intentionally, the Elements can point out the areas of your life where reflection, healing, or change is required. I hope you have a wonderful experience working with them.


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