The High Priestess


You arrive at the path of the whisperer… The High Priestess represents the path of intuition and meeting your higher self (the intuitive guide who resides inside of you).

Astrologically, the Moon (secret keeper, symbol of the hidden or subconscious) rules the High Priestess. She is also influenced by the zodiac sign of Cancer, and the planets related to secrets and what is hidden or invisible (Pluto and Neptune).

The Major Arcana Represents Major Life Lessons: If the High Priestess comes out on the first card of your reading, you are asked to wait patiently for the revelation of a secret. You need to quiet all the nonsense that is going on between your head and heart, and not become the Fool in this hurry up moment. However, if the High Priestess comes out in the outcome of your reading, you have learned how to be patient and wait for the answer to your burning question through your dreams, initial gut feeling, visions, spiritual realizations, and the memo from your higher source (the whisperer).

Your first gut feeling (intuition, sixth sense) is your spirit, your subconscious, and the voice of your High Priestess speaking to you. This voice, residing within, is dedicated to protecting you from deciding poorly. You need to listen, to stop what you are doing, especially when you are receiving mixed messages between your heart, your head, your intuition, and your first gut feeling!

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The Story Of The High Priestess Tarot Card

The High Priestess is enumerated two in the Tarot deck and symbolizes intuition, wisdom and secret knowledge stored in her subconscious, waiting to be revealed.

The High Priestess is poised delicately between the conscious (the part of you that takes action, makes yes or no decisions), and the subconscious (secrets waiting to be revealed to you through intuition, initial gut feeling, visions, dreams and spiritual exploration). The High Priestess leads toward peace in all relationships and situations. She helps you avoid the ravages of karma — the cause and effect of situations whose nature is unclear.

A wise, religious woman, she helps inspect the darkest reaches of your life to examine your unanswered questions and raise awareness of what is interred in your subconscious. An inscrutable mystery shrouds the High Priestess, who sits in front of the mystical veil that symbolizes everything hidden, but waiting to be revealed, the veil that frustrates your incessant search for answers.

A white and blue gown adorns the High Priestess (white=purity, blue=knowledge). She sits between two pillars, the darker indicating completion and the lighter indicating new beginnings. The pillars represent the transition from endings to new beginnings and indicate the hall of truth and the law of the Torah. She holds a scroll containing the Torah, the Hebrew Scripture of religious law whose mysteries she so profoundly understands.

The throne’s importance lies in the High Priestess’s connections to the secrets that lie behind it and also signifies an elevated rank associating her with the royal seat and higher power of dignity.

The pomegranates have served as a symbol of beliefs and desires in almost every religion. The palms represent a burning heat of passion during times of trial, as well as a sense of what is right and wise. Taken together, fruit and palm are the burning desire of passion that lead to the beginning or the completion of the secret that will be at last revealed.

The lotus flowers (white = beginning, black = completion) are compliments to the pillars. The High Priestess’s cross is fashioned after the Holy Cross where Christ was crucified, which came to be accepted as a Christian cross. This connects the High Priestess to Christian beliefs and further signifies her devout religiosity.

The Crescent Moon at her feet is growing in size “waxing” or “increasing” symbolizing a new beginning, and a period of growth. Under her feet, the yellow earth fills her with inspiration and enlightenment.

Behind the pomegranates can be seen the enormity of the ocean, whose tides are always and inextricably linked to and controlled by the powerful Moon. Your emotions are in constant flux like the tides of the ocean, thus allowing you to hear the voice of your High Priestess guiding you.

My Interpretation Of The High Priestess Tarot Card

The High Priestess calls for the balancing of logic, emotions, and intuition regarding any situation. Sometimes the facts that you seek evade you, but try as they might to stay hidden in the subconscious, they are revealed to you in dreams, initial gut feeling, visions, spiritual realizations, and the memo from your higher source (the whisperer). Quiet the raging thoughts of your mind, strive to hear the voice inside of you, and the answers to your questions will manifest.

When you feel thwarted, overwhelmed with impatience, and walled in by seeming nonsense, you may commit the fatal error of ignoring your intuition. Your first feeling about something usually contains the truth. Once you understand this, the confusion caused by warring senses becomes resolved. The High Priestess keeps your secrets. Only you know what your subconscious covertly signals. Silence your mind enough to listen to your intuitive guide, and she will reveal the secret to your own happiness. However, your intuitive guide absolutely requires your unfailing trust.

If the High Priestess appears in your reading, it is time to inquire into your true feelings, to delineate your thoughts and assessments of your life. The High Priestess points toward the subconscious, the understanding of higher truths through dreams and intuition and a connection to the spiritual forces within. The High Priestess is the intuitive clairvoyant and her role is to create harmony and forge your inner balance. Yet unrevealed, personal secrets lurk within this card.

The Message Might Be Gentle Or Roar Like The Lion

Sometimes, you will receive a soft gentle message, but other times you might receive a strong message that roars like a lion, and creates thunder… Time to examine the unconscious, guardian angels, subconscious (whisperer) and the conscious.

The Unconscious: This part of your brain contains unseen awareness. It holds all the data about you, including past memories, feelings and thoughts. It runs your entire body. The unconscious dumps information into your subconscious through dreams and visions, and it stores everything that you have ever experienced.

Guardian Angels: Your guardian angel sends information from your unconscious to your subconscious, and works in a mysterious way. Guardian Angels are assigned to you on the day of your birth and stay with you until the day of your death because they are your protectors and teachers!

I learned that guardian angels are the only spiritual beings allowed to interfere with your free will! When you hear a strong voice, roaring like a lion, and creating thunder, this voice comes from your guardian angel because you might be in the wrong place at the wrong time and you might hear this message: “Do Not” get in your car (in the boat, on that plane, go shopping, trust that person). Pay attention! Stop what you are doing and listen! If you do not listen, you will experience something unpleasant which sometimes relates to life altering conditions you cannot change!

I also learned that when you ask your guardian angel for help, you will get help. You may not hear your guardian angel speaking to you, but you will be directed to the person or source that will supply the answers you need to solve your confusion.

The Subconscious (The Whisperer): The subconscious obeys commands it receives from your unconscious. Your subconscious mind is related to your intuition (the time when you are searching for the truth in order to solve your problems), dreams (what happened in the past or will happen in the future), visions (related to a prophecy or timing of either a future or past event) and the secret memo (from your “Higher Self or Higher Source”, revealing secret information).

The information you receive from your subconscious brings you into that “AHA Moment”. This is information that you need pertaining to a particular person or a particular situation to help you make the right decision or avoid making the wrong decision. Your subconscious mind serves you twenty-four hours a day, and your “Higher Self or Higher Source” is busy writing memos to you about what you crave or what you need to let fall away from you. These memos relate to personal experiences that will lead you into good or bad times.

The Conscious: The conscious mind receives all the data that you will experience. It makes you take action, but also asks you to make a heartfelt decision that will be either positive or negative. This is the part of you that says “Yes or “No” and you will either accept the data or you will reject it.

Positive Position: If you are waiting to hear a message from your higher self, the message and hidden secret will be revealed to you through your dreams, intuition, and initial gut feeling about a situation. You need to wait patiently and not take action on anything until you receive the message from your higher self (the memo from the whisperer).

Negative Position: You might go against your intuition and make a mistake because you are impatient and lack the commitment of waiting to receive the memo for your higher-self (the whisperer). Or something is going on behind the scenes that you are not aware of, or a secret is revealed to you that might be good or bad, depending on what you are hoping to happen.

Timing is 1 – 30 days, or related to the phases of the Moon.

New Moon or Solar Eclipse (not visible – making a wish and starting a new plan). First Quarter Moon (growing in size – action oriented – pushing ahead to a testing point). Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse (wishes come true – or the release of what is not working). Third Quarter Moon (shrinking in size – strong beliefs with what you want – you will put these beliefs in action, or let go and release what binds you).