The Circle of Protection

The Third Eye Chakra

If you passed the “tug test” mentioned in You ARE a Spiritual Being, then you have a full realization of your spiritual self and are ready for the next stage of your journey.

Each lesson thus far has been building your visualization, focus energy, centering your energy, charging your energy and basic protection work. This lesson is the next step toward divine meditations and magic.

We will be building your spiritual defenses with this lesson so that you can explore the spiritual world around you and channel pure, positive energy for your works. You will discover that the visualization of this lesson is very intense and will require a considerable amount of focus, concentration and balance (grounding).

  • Body Charging
    To properly prepare for this exercise, you want to fuel your physical body. Eat a light, healthy snack such as bananas (my personal favorite), nuts, fruits, etc. Keep it light, avoid large portions, keep the refined sugar content low and avoid caffeine.
  • Shields Up
    Before beginning this exercise, you want to put up your spiritual shields around your person. This will prepare you to clear your meditation space without outside influences.
  • Gather your meditation tools
    If you are using divining tools, candles, incense, etc. now would be a good time to gather them and set them up in your meditation area. You will also want to grab your energy sweeping broom as well. I would highly recommend using white candles and sandalwood incense for added spiritual protection.
  • Grab Your Energy Broom
    Sweep the negative energy out of your spiritual space. Focus positive energy into the broom and clear your area.
  • Use Your Sending Hand
    Starting in a North facing direction, extend your hand palm out towards the outer edge of your work area. In a clockwise motion, channel positive energy in a circle around your work space. You will want to visualize this energy circle being perfectly round and with the edge being about 6 inches thick. It should be visualized as a bright, glowing white color that pulsates to an even brighter white.You can also visualize protective symbols with meanings to you (pentacle, tree, cross, etc.) imprinted on the circle surface. But remember that these symbols should not cut across the entire width of the circle.

    North represents the element of Earth and is used for grounding. Together, we will explore each of the elements and their position in your protective circle in future lessons.

  • Sweep Again
    You should now sweep out the circle with your energy broom to ensure that no negative energy remains in your work area.
  • Light ’em Up
    Light your candles, incense, etc. and get relaxed. Charge all of your chakras, overfilling one until it flows into the next, so on and so forth.
  • Shields Out
    Now this is where it gets really interesting. Your personal protection shield is around you and your chakras are charged. You want to visualize your body channeling positive energy from the Universe above and you want to fill your body with this energy. As the energy begins to overflow from all around your body, you want it to begin to fill your shield outside of your body as well.Now as the shield begins to fill, you want it to expand into a ball like sphere all around you. This sphere will expand to be in perfect alignment with your protective circle. The entire thickness of the outside the main part of the shield should be 6 inches also.

    When completed, half the sphere should be below the floor or ground beneath you and the other half should rise from the floor or ground above you. I would not recommend having the shield go through the ceiling if someone can walk into it from above you (like in an apartment setting). If there is no chance of that, let the shield go beyond the ceiling as well.

  • Meditate
    This is a good time to offer your prayers to your deity or deities and invite them into your circle for spiritual assistance. If your deities have a light and dark side (such as nature can be both nurturing or destructive), then you should ask your deity (or deities) to bring their positive aspects to aid you. You should then begin your meditation facing in the Northern direction for grounding.Keep your spiritual “ears” open so that you can communicate with your deities. They can provide you insight and perspective during your meditation. If you feel you need to have a conversation with your deity (or the plural), ask for their permission that you may speak with them. They will give you approval if they are in agreement.

    Your impressions and energies during this form of meditation will be amplified. You should be prepared to write down anything of significance. Deities can also be spiritual guides, angels, animal totems, etc.

    Magical and spiritual working can be performed after your meditation. Remember Law #1 is to harm none. Do not impose upon another individual’s free will.

    If your spiritual guests deny your request to come to your circle, thank them for considering the request. Some spiritual beings are not always inclined to aid you because they want to “kick you from the nest so you can fly on your own”. Other spirits will come each and every time you request it. Do not consider either choice a spiritual being makes to mean anything specific. They are free willed beings who tend to come and go as they please. Also, never command their aid, ever…

  • Release
    Once you have completed your goals or tasks, thank your spiritual guests for their assistance and spiritual communion and ask if there is any knowledge they would like to impart to you before they leave. Listen closely and then thank them for their aid once more.Once your spiritual aids depart, put out any candles that you may have used with either a candle snuffer or your index finger and thumb. Blowing out a candle can offend the spiritual elements of fire. You can also choose to thank the spiritual elements of fire for their aid and allow them to be dismissed as well.
  • Energy Return
    You now want to return your personal protection shields back to being close to your body. The shields will separate from the circle and move in towards you, returning the energy that it was filled with back into your body.Once your personal protection shield is back to its normal place, you should face North and hold your receiving hand palm up towards your circle. In a clockwise motion, pull the energy of your circle back into your body through the receiving hand until the entire circle is reabsorbed.
  • Refuel your body
    This type of energy work can be physically draining. Whether you feel fatigued or not, I would suggest eating another light, healthy snack as you did before your session began.

In the next lesson, we will go more into intuitive meditation that you can do while in your Circle of Protection. Also we will cover more about the spiritual elements to strengthen this circle as well.

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