The Foundation of Satanism

The ideology of Satanism is drawn from the flames of hell that burn and purify. The book of Satan is called The Infernal Diatribe. This book dictates certain laws that are in perfect opposition to the 10 commandments of Christianity.


The second satanic book is the Book of Lucifer, or Book of Knowledge. Lucifer was originally a Roman god who represented the spirit of the air. He was the bearer of knowledge. The early Christian religion turned him into an entity of evil in order to implant her god.


For the Satanist, God is not the creator as he is considered a simple equilibrium power of nature; a force of the universe. It is men who have created gods of all kinds so every religion of a spiritual nature is the invention of man. He created a complete system of gods through his imagination. God was invented by man to satisfy his ego then man instituted the cults that go with it.


The book of Satanism was written to counter the 7 deadly sins of the Christian church which are: gluttony, envy, pride, greed, lust, anger, and laziness. Satanism advocates indulgence towards each of these sins, all of which lead to physical, mental or emotional gratifications.


The Satanist’s motto is: “If someone slaps your right cheek, punch him on his left cheek.” This corresponds to the first instinct of every living being which is the instinct of survival. The second instinct is to have sex and reproduce but the church has actually placed some restrictions on that too.


A Philosophy of Emancipation

Satanism is based on a philosophy of emancipation. It exists to serve the needs of man. But why is it called Satanism? Why not give it a name like “Humanism”?

Humanism already exists but is not considered a religion because humanism does not have ceremonies or dogmas. Satanism, on the contrary, brings together all these things, as well as rituals. Satanism, however, differs greatly from all religions, whether Biblical, Koranic, or Torah.


Satanism is also different from all these “white magic” or mystical sects as it represents opposition to all religions that condemn man for his natural instincts. Satan was originally an angel whose duty was to bring human offenders back to “God.” It was not until the Fourteenth Century that he began to be portrayed as a demonic, half man, half animal and resembling a goat with horns and hooves.

Before the advent of Christianity, the carnal side of human nature was ruled by the god Dionysus (or Pan in other cultures). He was portrayed as a satyr by the Greeks. Pan symbolized fertility and it was the Christians who decided that the Pagan deities were demons and worshipping him was referred to as; “black magic.” This is how Satanism was equated with dark magic.


The Demons in Satanism


It is true that Satanists use the power of magic to achieve their goals. Unlike black magic devotees who call upon forces of evil while seeking for protection, the Satanist realizes that it is only by mingling himself with these forces that he can fully utilize the powers of darkness to his advantage.


Satanism is neither a luminous religion nor an obscure practice. It is simply the religion of the flesh ruled by Satan. The concepts of hell and the devil have allowed monotheistic religions to flourish since their appearance. These concepts allow the various clergy to threaten their practitioners with some kind of punishment when they do not obey their doctrines.


Satanism represents an opposition to all those religions that condemn man for his natural inclinations and lead him to frustration. The word “devil” itself comes from the Greek word “daimon” which means “genius “. The Greeks made a distinction between good and bad geniuses but the word itself is not bad. The demons are therefore very close to the notion of “jinn” of Arab magic.




SATAN – This is the adversary, the opponent, the accuser, Master of fire, etc..


LUCIFER – He is the bearer of light, knowledge, the air, and the morning star. Lucifer is said to be more powerful than Satan. He is the great ruler of hell. When invoked, he appears as a beautiful child and is very tricky.


BELIAL – This is a demon worshipped in the city of Sodom. He is also the patron of the incubus (male demons of incomparable beauty who attract the mortals and consume their souls during the sin of the flesh). He reigns in the north, without a master and was shut up with his legions in a bottle by King Solomon.


This king of hell, with an attractive exterior and graceful posture, is known as the “most dissolute, villainous, and vicious spirit”. He was created right after Lucifer had convinced most angels to revolt. He procures dignities and favors, makes friends, lives in good intelligence and helps those who submit to him.

LEVIATHAN – He is the serpent of the depths, water, west and the great liar responsible for many possessions.




Satanists sometimes resort to human sacrifices. The purpose of performing a ritual sacrifice is to project the energy provided by the sacrifice on the astral plane in order to increase the chances of success of the ritual.


Blood is the life force and a creature on the verge of dying secretes a significant amount of adrenaline as well as other bio-chemical or psychic energies. The bioelectric force that is released at the time of death is similar to that released during intense emotional events such as orgasm, fright, or violent anger.


Satanists are often considered as the darkest followers of black magic practices because they allow themselves absolutely everything for the sole purpose of satisfying their personal needs and finding pleasure. These practices are often considered unnatural.



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