The Shadow Season 2020

Greetings All,

 Can you feel the thinning of the veil? Personally, I’ve had timelines collapsing. Past and future turning up now. It’s all getting a bit confusing hahaha.

As we move towards Samhain, Día de Muertos, All Hallows Eve, what are your preparations? How are you going to embrace this time, when our awareness of the dark, the dead and the unseen can be harnessed to empower ourselves and our practice? I’d love to know what you’re planning!

Personally, I like to focus on communication. Communication with my ancestors and my guides. It’s a time when I’m able to see/hear more clearly, when new guides show themselves and when messages come thick and fast. Those messages usually come through dreams, visions (clairvoyance) and journeys. 

Some of you may be clairaudient (hear messages), clairsentient (feel messages) or claircognizant (when you just know). Those are the most common or available forms of psychic gifts. But don’t be surprised if in the next couple of weeks, the rarer psychic senses are heightened at this time, like Clairsalience, Clairgustence, Lucid Dreaming and the like. There’s a great list here – Psychic Abilities

Be on the lookout for things that are out of place. Catching a wisp of wet earth on the nose, the metallic taste of blood in your mouth or all too real conversations or visitations in dreams. They’re not nothing, they’re messages. Now you have to figure out what they mean. And who doesn’t love a good mystery right?

And of course, there is no better time for direct communication, so break out you Spirit/Ouija Board or your pendulum if you think you can handle it. I won’t instruct you how just now. There are enough instructions all over the place and like any practice, you have to figure out what works for you. There’s no right way to do it, it either works or it doesn’t. Just like all magic. However…HEED THIS WARNING – if you’re opening a portal to communicate, or anything else for that matter, you need to open a tight container and close it afterward. This is standard protocol for any magical work and is imperative at this time of year when Spirit/s are frisky.

You can, of course, improve your chances so I’ve listed below a few things I use myself.  

Air: Burn Wormwood, Mugwort, Lotus, Calendula Petals, Passionflower, Sandalwood, Yarrow

Water: Drink and offer Mugwort, Blue Lotus, Dandelion and Mullein Tea

Fire: Light candles

Earth: Graveyard Dirt

Spirit: I consider this the tool I’m using; pendulum, Ouija board or maybe a crystal. 

I know I’ve been a bit quiet recently, I’m alive and well and working on building our sister site Witchucation. There I offer readings, full and new moon rituals and collective intention rituals, just as I’ve always done. If you know me at all, you’ll know how much I love sharing ideas about magic and witchcraft. For me this is a dream come true. I’m currently writing divination and other magical courses so watch this space! 

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Witchucation is our site that focuses on learning. Some of BWC’s favourite spellcasters are sharing their skills and experience with any who feel called to pick up the baton and practice magic themselves. This is a budding site and a labour of love. We will get everything tight and ship shape in time, but for now, we hope you enjoy our courses and our growing resource section and thanks for understanding if you run into glitches. It’s a work in progress. 

More courses will be offered this year and next, so grab your wand and let’s go!




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