The Spiritual and Magical Uses of Patchouli Plant

The patchouli plant is a member of the mint family. Its shrub grows in Indonesia, China, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Madagascar. It has a strong smell which might be nostalgic to some people. It can also be used for relaxation. Due to its particular aroma, practitioners of witchcraft use the herb in two forms – dried leaves or essential oils – for many of their spells.

Healing effects of Patchouli Leaves

The shrub of this plant is well valued and known in China and Malaysia for its stimulating, tonifying, antiseptic and antipyretic effects. It is also used for treating insect bites and snake bites.

Love and lust

Patchouli leaves have an exotic and warm smoke that release our erotic vibrations, rousing the senses, opening them to each other and letting them plunge into sensuality. In sensual incenses they unfold their warming and aphrodisiac properties.

Due to these properties they are commonly used for lust and love spells. Patchouli is said to attract eccentric people and invite lust filled attractions. It can also be used in spells to relieve a broken heart.

For Protection against Negative energy:

It can be used in spells for acquiring or developing self-confidence and getting protection from a variety of threats. As a means of protection they protect against all negative influences, whether these are exhausting situations or bad-tempered people around. It is even used in spells to receive legal aid and positive judicial decisions.

Money and prosperity

Legend has it that Saturn, the god of hard-won gains, rules patchouli. The first patchouli money spell is a mental spell, which requires users to place patchouli leaves or oil in their wallet and consider the wallet full of money. There are many other money spells you can do and it said that the spells should be cast on Saturday, the day of Saturn.



Although, it is not the main ingredient for fertility spells, patchouli is used to anoint candles and added to bath water for anointing. In most fertility spells, patchouli is coupled with sandalwood incense.

Meditation and Relaxation:

Patchouli leaves have a very relaxing effect, soothe our irritated nerves, harmonize the body, mind, and let you enjoy sensuality. With its smoke and scent you can feel enveloped, protected and secured. Using them on hectic days would help in regaining your strength.

Patchouli is considered a cure for those who live in depression as it helps them to integrate their energies, and transcend into their inner and outer boundaries. Burning patchouli incense strengthens you to let go of your painful past.

Ritual process:

In India, the patchouli leaves are still used today for the perfuming of carpets and garments. They are used for a traditional incense mixture that is burned at the feet of the dead as soon as their eyes are closed.

In most cultures, sacrifices are made for religious purposes to thank and honor people, animals and gods. During such ceremony, one can send loving thoughts to friends, thank strangers who have been helpful, or simply remember nature and life. Patchouli leaves are often burnt during these ceremonies to create an energetic balance for a received gift.

Astrological Significance:

Patchouli leaves are among the smoking plants of the moon. They support our mystical, unconscious and feminine side and connect us to the forces of the moon. Since time immemorial, the moon has always stood for instinct, intuition, magical and mysterious sides of our lives.

Patchouli leaves are in the zodiac sign associated with cancer. People of this character appreciate warmth, security and have a pronounced sense of family. They are sensitive, helpful, imaginative and dreamy. You can place an order for this plant in our store.


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