Working with Belial

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Belial is a demon king of Hell that commands at least 50 legions of spirits. In Hebrew, the name “Belial” can be translated to “without God’ and “worthlessness.” Although he is often associated with Satan, they are two different beings. This demon is useful for spiritual and material wellbeing, and he can help you become the master or mistress of your life. He is referred to as the Angel of Darkness and an antagonist to God. He is one of the ruling forces of the Goetic spirits.


Belial is a powerful demon king, created next after Lucifer. He appears in the form of two beautiful angels sitting in a chariot of fire. Different people claim that he appeared to them in various forms. As a Draconian guide, he manifests with a reptilian skin, which could be a serpent or a dragon. In rites of magic, he might appear as a hooded lord with two heads; a double-headed eagle or a horned demon.

Working with Belial:

He guards the gateway that connects the bright and dark sides of the Tree of Life. During an initiatory process, he assists in preparing the consciousness for the opening of the Gate of Daat. An Initiate on the path of the Nightside meets Belial at the threshold of the Abyss.

He is well known to be a hostile spirit that rises through the palace of black fire on the earth and descends to astral Qliphothic temples. He opens the path full of Primigenian Gnosis, which transforms the soul of the Adept into a vessel that is charged with the powerful elixir of this venomous secret seed of Belial.

An Adept that works with this spirit must learn to unite his soul with Belial. His soul is transformed into a god form. Belial teaches him how to connect with the powers of forbidden knowledge. He opens the gates to knowledge and self-deification. He is associated with fire and earth. While working with him, give him an offering; otherwise, he will lie to you. He presides over lust, and that is why he is summoned in sex and attraction spells.

How to Evoke Belial By Baron and Baronessa Araignee


When you evoke this king, he will likely appear with ten spheres, which are the spheres of his judgment and ruling. They will judge your worth and state if you are eligible to proceed to his throne.

You must be clean when you face him, so bathe in saltwater three days before the ritual. Also, abstain from meat and the desires of the flesh for the same period. His evocation should be initiated first on the night of Mercury and the first hour of Mars. You should be alone in your chamber.


Set up the space.

  • Set up your ritual space by burning Frankincense and Myrrh. You can also burn Dragon Blood during the evocation.
  • Let your altar face the South, and you can place any color of candle on it.
  • Also, place his seal on the altar and nothing else.
  • Draw a pentagram on the ground, with horns facing the North.
  • Do not stand during the evocation. You should kneel or sit within the pentagram with your head bowed. This is a sign of respect.
  • After meditation, you can call upon him by reciting the following lines:

“Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehl Belial. (Repeat ten times slowly and in a clear voice while holding the submissive posture.)

State your intention.

I (state your name) respectfully call and evoke Your presence here and now majestic Belial. Come forth, Great Emperor, and manifest yourself here in this place. Let your Dread Spheres herald your throne and judge my worth here and now! (Pause and wait. If you may continue, you will be notified.)

“I thank you for regarding me and choosing to hold audience with me, Lord Belial. Be welcomed in this world as it is your foot-stool. I seek unity and guidance from you, oh Great Belial! Judge my worth as I place my mark upon yours – but judge me not unkindly, for I am but a human.”

Offering a blood sacrifice:

  • Cut the area over your heart with a sharp blade – drawing blood. Place no more, no less than ten drops of blood upon His Seal.
  • Repeat His Enn “Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlic, Belial..” again ten times as before.
  • You will not attempt to “Discharge” or “Dismiss” Him.
  • Let the candle burn out with the incense.
  • Leave the room, and tend to your wound.
  • This concludes the rite.

Closing the Rite:

If the ritual was successful, Belial will tell you a day and time when he would commune with you. He will also give you other clear instructions on what to do. So after a consultation with this king, expect vivid dreams and a drastic change of events.

Working with Belial to Manipulate a Target

Do you wish to change someone’s mind and make them take your side? Belial is one spirit to work with to achieve your goal.

Items needed:

  • Three white candles.
  • Incense (frankincense).
  • Water, salt, food, objects, etc. Whatever you choose to offer him.
  • The seal of Belial.
  • Sterilized needle.

Pre ritual preparation:

Three days before the ritual day, recite the following prayer to Belial and offer him a different offering each day:

Mighty and Powerful Belial, hear me. I come to you willing to receive your teachings and glory. Accept my sacrifice symbolized by this offering as a sign of our communion and respect.  

Main Ritual Procedures:

  • Perform the Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.
  • Set up the altar with the Triangle of Art and incense.
  • Place a candle on each edge of the triangle and consecrate it.
  • To activate the seal of Belial, hold it in your hand and gaze at it for three minutes.
  • Absorb all the details of the seal in your mind then say:

Seal, you now represent a connection with Belial. So mote it be.

  • Place the seal inside the triangle.
  • Light the incense, and candles.
  • Cast a circle.
  • Call upon Belial by reciting the following (3x):

  O Mighty and Powerful Belial, great and feared, I invoke you.  I ask you to listen to me and be willing to receive my requests.

Your powers and abilities are what I need right now.  Wherever you are in the world, I invoke you, Belial. 


Offer your sacrifice: 

I humbly offer you this [insert the name of what you are offering] and a drop of my blood. 


State your request:

Listen to me and help me to [insert your wish].  Grant my wish within [insert how many days you will give him to fulfill your requests] and without causing harm to myself, my family, my friends, or anyone else.  

Pierce your finger and drip a drop of your blood on the altar. Your blood will provide more energy to Belial.

End the ritual by saying:

 I thank you, spirit Belial for your help in this rite.  Your presence honors me because I know how powerful you are.  You can now go back from where you came from, ready to fulfill what I have asked from you. 

To conclude the ritual, close the circle and the triangle. Perform the Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. You can dispose of the offerings a few hours later.

Belial is believed to have been created right after Lucifer, so you can imagine how ancient and powerful he is. Working with him requires patience and confidence since he can completely ignore, manipulate, or deceive you if you think he is not great enough or show your weaknesses to him.


  • The Dread Lord: A Free PDF by Baron and Baronessa Araignee Araignee Arcane Services



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