10 Deities to Work with for Protection

There are many people suffering due to a hex that was cast on them. The worst of it is when such victims are not even aware that they were hexed. Every human being has an enemy that is working against them constantly. In just a single day, there are a million opportunities for negative energies to infiltrate your consciousness, and that is why you must have a very strong protective shield.

Protective magick is an effective way to reverse jinxes, hexes, and block the evil eye. For your protection spell to be effective, you must work with a very powerful god or goddess. A deity that would deal mercilessly with your enemy. Below are examples of protective gods/goddess that you could call upon.

10 Deities to Work with for Protection and Fortification

1) Anubis (Egyptian)

This god is the gatekeeper of the Underworld and acts as a protector and guardian. If you are experiencing any challenging magickal situation, he can help you sort things out. He gives courage.

Colors: Green and Black

Herb: Myrrh

Crystals and Stones: Malachite and Nebula

2) Artemis (Greek):

She is the Maiden Goddess of the Crescent Moon and Hunt. She teaches her women to be brave and strong no matter the situation they find themselves in. She protects women during childbirth. She detests violence and rescues such victims.

Colors: Silver and White.

Herb: Mugwort

Crystal and Stones: Moonstone, Labradorite, and Selenite.

3) Hecate (Greco-Roman):

She is called the Phantom Queen, a Patroness and Protector of witches. She is always associated with darker magick and curses. When called, she may appear as a beautiful young woman, as a wise old crone or as an attractive matron. Among her symbols, we find the key which is used to open all paths. It is said that her magic is intensified during the New Moon phase.

Colors: Black, green, and silver.

Herbs: Lavender and willow.

Crystals and stones: Snowflake, Obsidian and Onyx.

4) Horus (Egyptian):

He is the patron of law and justice. He is the protector of Egypt, and his symbol, the Eye of Horus, is a classic protective symbol. He is associated with the Sky and the Sun

Colors: Gold and white.

Herb: Sunflower.

Crystals and stones: Fire opal, Citrine, and Sunstone.

5) Isis (Egyptian):

She is the supreme Egyptian Mother Goddess. She performs all kinds of magick, but has specialties for marriage, family, divination, and protection. Her magickal symbol is the full moon, and she is very protective of her devotees.

Colors: White and deep blue.

Herbs: Water lily and lotus.

Crystals and Stones: Red chalcedony, Lapis lazuli, and Azurite.

6) Kali (Hindu):

She is referred to as The “Great Protector” and champion of women in peril. She is a great destroyer that shouldn’t be joked with. Be careful when working with her.

Colors: Black and red.

Crystals and Stones: Jet and garnet.

7) Nephthys (Egyptian):

Her areas of power are in darker magick, general protection, and psychic self-defense.

She reveals hidden truths to her followers, and her energy is similar to that of her sister, Isis.

Color: Midnight blue.

Herb: Lotus.

Crystals and stones: Sugilite and blue goldstone

8) Sekhmet (Egyptian):

She is also called “She Who is Powerful”, “The Terrible One” and the “Eye of Ra”. She is a mighty goddess of fire, destruction, war, and power. As a protective deity, you can call upon her when you are experiencing a psychic attack.

Colors: Red and black.

Crystals and stones: Red or brown tiger’s-eye.

9) Thor (Norse):

He is a great warrior that likes to fight. He also likes to help people who are in need.   His symbols are lightning bolt and the hammer.

Thursday is named after him; it is literally Thor’s day.

Colors: Silver, red, and yellow.

Crystals and stones: granite, quartz, and slate.

10) Zeus (Greek):

He is a power house of energy and magick.  The leader of the Olympians and a storm bringer. He can grant wisdom and protection to those who approach him with respect.

Colors: White and gold.

Metal: Gold.

Crystal: Amber

Working with Hecate for Protection

Garlic is one of the favorite symbols of Hecate, the mother of witches. In this protection spell against evil forces, we will consecrate the head of a garlic to Hecate, and she will use it to drive away evil forces from us.

Items Needed:

  • A Y shaped crossroad or your cauldron.
  • A Head of Garlic.
  • 3 Needles (I’ve also seen it done with 13 needles).

Optional items

  • Candle
  • Incense
  • Crystals

Suitable Time:

During a New Moon, when Hecate power is even stronger.


  • Choose a suitable location where you will not be disturbed. Before the spell, purify yourself by taking a bath.
  • Set up your altar. It could be a simple surface where you would place your spell tools.
  • Relax your body and mind.
  • Light your incense and let the aroma fill the environment.
  • Hold your crystals and charge your intention.
  • Take each of the three needles and state what your intentions are.
  • You can say:

Oh, Great Goddess Hecate, I summon thy power.

Please help me guide all the evil forces coming from (mention where these forces are coming from) to this needle.”


  • Now, pierce the needle into the head of the garlic.
  • While doing that, visualize that the evil force is transferred into the garlic.
  • Repeat the above processes with the second and third needle.
  • When you are done, hold the pierced head of garlic in your hand, raise it up and dedicate it to Hecate.
  • You can say something like:

“Oh, Great Goddess Hecate! I offer you this garlic, symbol of protection and healing, as a tribute for dealing with the evil forces which surrounded me. Thank you for always guiding my path and for always watching over me.”


Ensure to speak those words from your soul.

Now, remove the needles and discard them safely. Don’t ever reuse them.

You can end the spell by either disposing the garlic at a Y shaped crossroad or burning it completely in your cauldron.

Henceforth, believe that you are protected, and no evil force can harm you.


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