How to Practice Pyrokinesis

Pyrokinesis is the magical ability to control fire. The term “pyrokinesis” was coined by world-renowned horror author Stephen King in his 1980 novel called Firestarter. It was derived from the Greek words “pur” for “fire” or “lightning” and “kinesis,” which means “motion.” It is similar to telekinesis, which is about moving objects with your mind.

While practicing pyrokinesis, your mind must be in harmony with the fire that you intend to control. This is a very powerful skill that requires continuous practice, unwavering concentration, and excellent meditation techniques. Pyrokinesis could also be useful for warming people up or setting things aflame.

How to Practice Pyrokinesis

An exceptionally powerful aura is necessary for pyrokinetic ability. Like I mentioned earlier, it also requires willpower and concentration. You are to focus on the fire and command it to do what you want. There are several meditation techniques that can be used to achieve this. First, choose a location where there is no air current. Have a clear intention. Meditate for at least 15 minutes to calm your mind.

The following are examples of pyrokinesis techniques.

Light a Matchstick Technique 


  • Get your matchsticks ready.
  • Light one of them and focus on the flames.
  • Try to create a connection between you and the flame.
  • Imagine that the flame is jumping out of the matchstick.
  • Do that repeatedly until you have mastered the process.

Candle Flame Technique 

  • Light a candle, focus on the flame and establish a connection between the flame and your mind.
  • Close your eyes and visualize the movement of the flame for some minutes.
  • Feel its strong energy within you.
  • Open your eyes and focus on the flames again.
  • Try to move the flame to a side. Visualize this in your mind.
  • Move your finger left and visualize the flame moving to the left. Also, move it right, up and down until a connection is created.


Don’t expect to be successful in your first trial. Pyrokinesis requires tremendous effort and will power. Depending on your concentration ability, it could take days or months before you can successfully move the flame. Just keep practicing.

If the above steps were successful, then you can try to move the fire with your mind. In further training, you would learn how to extinguish and reignite the fire.

Start Fire Technique 

To ignite a flame, perform both the Invoking Fire and the Heat Meditation, then direct the energy you produce to your palm chakras.

Alternatively, visualize the heat in the room increasing until it starts a fire and burns everything. At the end of this visualization, if done properly, the room should feel hotter.

Also, it is important to learn how to put out fires before learning how to ignite them.

Extinguish Fire Technique

There are two main ways to do this. The first method is to slow down the movement of the molecules while the other is to make the fire jump off the wick and disappear in the air.

Fire is caused by the rapid movement of the molecules. To extinguish the fire, visualize the molecules moving slowly until the fire is extinguished.

If you prefer working with the second method, focus on the flame. At this point, you must have learned how to move the flames from side to side. Once you feel a strong connection between you and the flame, just make the flame jump out of the wick and watch as it gets extinguished in the air.

How would you understand that a connection has been created between you and the flame? Actually, this connection is difficult to explain because it is a unique feeling. When you focus intensely on the flame, you will experience a peaceful state of mind where only the flame exists. When the connection is strong, you can easily control the flame as if it was a mere extension of your body.


Manipulating fire requires time, strength, and energy. You can start small by practicing with a matchstick. The latter techniques are very difficult; only a few pyromaniacs have been able to practice them.

To reduce the risks associated with this form of magick, the practitioner must be healthy and emotionally stable. Eat and rest well before every session.

As a beginner, you must be careful because practicing pyrokinesis can be dangerous to you and others, especially if you have no control over it.


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