How to Prepare Witches Holy Water

Water is a universal solvent that practically forms the base of all fluids. As a holy element of life and death, it is strongly connected with different feminine goddesses. Examples are Isis, Yemaya, Danu, Selene, etc.

Holy water has been in use since ancient times. It is popular within Christianity and other religions where it is commonly used for purifying, sanctifying, and as a means to connect oneself to the divine.

Traditionally, Holy water is any water that has been blessed by a religious figure. Prayers, chants, and verses from a sacred book are recited during the process. However, nowadays, anyone can prepare Holy water by following the necessary steps.

Sources of Holy Water

There are several wells and streams that are considered to be holy and bearing magical properties. The Hindus bathe in the Sacred Water of Ganga, with the belief that the water can cleanse their sins, misfortune and offer them protection. For Christians, water from River Jordan is considered to be holy. Before adding Holy water to your spells, the source should be considered.

For example:

  • Rainwater is good for fertility and abundance.
  • Spring water is good for purification, healing, and nourishment.
  • Seawater is good for exorcism and purging negative emotions.

General Uses of Holy Water

Water is flexible and can be charged to fulfill any intention. Depending on the source, it can be used for different purposes.

Holy water can be used as a sort of “liquid smudge stick.” Take a white sage bundle, dip it in a bowl of Holy water, and flick it around a space for blessings, cleansing, and protection.

Add it to your water bath for healing spells. Sprinkle it around your house and offices to cleanse negative energies and promote positive energy. Before commencing a magical ritual, Holy water can be sprinkled in the ritual space to banish unwanted entities. To cleanse your magical tools and altars, sprinkle Holy water on it.

How to Prepare Witches Holy Water

A witch’s Holy water could be water charged under Full Moon or water from a sacred spring, mountain, river, or well.

There are different blends of Holy water, and each has a slightly different use. We have Holy water consecrated with salt and others that contain oil, wine, or even ashes.

Below are simple steps for preparing your blend of Holy water.

Items needed:

  • A glass jar
  • Water
  • Salt (preferably sea salt or Himalayan salt)
  • Frankincense incense
  • Storage bottle
  • A pen
  • A sheet of A4 paper
  • A white candle (optional)
  • Lighter/matches


  • Start this ritual by cleansing yourself via smudging or ritual bath.
  • Get rainwater or spring water.
  • Gather your water and other supplies.
  • Light your candles and incense.
  • On the paper, draw a circle with a perimeter that is large enough to surround the glass jar. The circle will serve as your focal point for visualization.
  • Inside the circle, draw a sacred symbol of your choice.
  • Pour water into the glass jar and add a pinch of salt.
  • Say:

“Water and salt I mix now, the elixir of life and death is being created, may the light always surround it, blessed be!”

  • Swirl the mixture with a spoon, finger, or wand.
  • Pass the salted water over the incense smoke.
  • Place it on the sheet of paper so that it covers the sacred symbol that you had drawn.
  • Say:

“By the power of the Universe, bless this water and make it holy. So mote it be.”

  • Visualize a ray of white light coming down from the ceiling (this is the energy of the gods.) Visualize as it enters into the glass jar and charges the water.
  • Feel the energy of the water as it comes alive.
  • Also, feel the divine energy flowing through you then use your active hand to channel it into the glass.
  • When you are done, bottle it and store it appropriately.

Examples of Other Water used in Magical Rituals

Lunar Water:

This is water charged with the power of the Moon. It is commonly used for beauty, protection, fertility, and psychic power enhancement spells.

Water of Mars:

It is used to remove obstacles, unbind and uncross curses and for protection.

Rose Water:

Commonly used in beauty, love, good luck, and divination spells.

Florida Water:

Used for attracting money, success, and abundance.

Marie Laveau Water:

A very potent recipe that can be used to achieve different intentions.


Is it safe to drink Holy water? Yes! You can drink any Holy water that is absolutely clear and fresh. It has extraordinary healing power. You can also drink it for protection.

Holy water should be stored in an airtight nonmetallic container. It can last up to a month if recharged daily with focused intention.

After working with Holy water, never dispose of it down the drain. You can pour it into any water body or on the soil outside. Have you ever added Holy water to your spells? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Just try this recipe and witness the powerful results it would bring to your life


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