17 Incense with Healing Effects 

The use of natural incense serves as great balancer of human passions, favors personal growth and grants you the ability to triumph in the physical and spiritual realm.

Different incense are used in religious activities to create a connection between the worshipped and the worshipper. In this blog, we shall discuss the general uses of   different herbal incense. 


  • It is used to disinfect and refresh the environment where there are people with infectious diseases, or people suffering from asthma, bronchitis, cough or diabetes.
  • It relieves all types of allergies and stimulates physical and mental strength, especially acuity and ingenuity.
  • In addition, its balsamic potential strengthens health in the magical aspect.


  • It is a disinfectant that creates a warm atmosphere.
  • It helps to clarify ideas so it is good for meditation rituals.
  • It can provoke a romantic and erotic atmosphere.


  • Biologists have discovered that the properties of this resin, when burned, are excellent for relieving anxiety and depression.


  • It attracts love and improves your ability to understand other people.


  • It is used to attract luck and peace of mind.
  • It is used for ritual enhancement and cleansing.
  • Fights against the evil eye, negative spells and witchcraft.
  • To enhance meditation and drive away negative spirits and energies.


  • This incense relaxes and creates a quiet environment.
  • It has antibiotic and sedative properties.
  • Burn this incense whenever you wish to meditate or relax.


  • It is an aphrodisiac.
  • When burned in the room it brings peace to the surrounding.
  • Sandalwood is used to eliminate offensive odors.


  • Promotes imagination, stimulates hunger and can be used as a disinfectant.
  • This aroma is good for your study rooms.
  • Very useful for writers, painters, or artists in general.
  • Relieves anxiety.


  • Aphrodisiac for both sexes, gives energy and physical strength.
  • Give serenity and Improves situations in general.
  • Can be used in love and fidelity spells.
  • Eliminates obstacles, frictions and resentments from people.


  • For cleaning and purification.


  • It removes inner loneliness.

Aloe vera

  • Harmonizes the work environment.
  • Used for spells on work and projects.


  • Stimulation of sexual pleasure.


  • Sweet aroma that stimulates love.
  • It replaces tiredness with the energy and enthusiasm we need when it comes to love and passion.
  • Remove shyness and frigidity.
  • It also drives away negative thoughts and lack of interest.


  • Balances the emotions.
  • Improves mood.


  • Good for physical and mental health.
  • It is used to relieve any physical or mental pain.


  • It helps to clean the environment.
  • It clarifies the mind and eliminates bad energies, or those that are stagnant.
  • Strengthens your self-confidence and helps you to get a lover.
  • Used in spells to fight against hatred, fear and curses.

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