The Significance of Blood Magic

Blood is an important substance that gives us life. It is a very powerful substance that is barely joked with. Blood magic is the act of adding a few drops of blood in a ritual to enhance the effect, speed and action of the ritual. Without this liquid the spell can be seen as common.  Although, most spells done with blood have a complex procedure but when properly done the results are usually great.

Blood spells are quite powerful and require great discipline and patience. The use of blood in magic is intended to produce a state of control over the environment that surrounds us as well as over oneself, with the aim of achieving what is most desired.

These spells can be used to cause harm to others in different ways; either by absorbing their vital energy or cursing them with diseases. They can also be used to cure some diseases.

 Rules in Blood Magic Spell

  1. You must use your blood for the ritual.
  2. If you must use someone else’s blood it must be given willingly.
  3. Only few drops should be poured into the ritual except stated otherwise.
  4. In order to explore the potential in blood magic the sorceress must be free from social or cultural beliefs that are against this practice.
  5. Do not consume blood either directly or by putting it into your drink. It is unhygienic and excess of it can lead to haemochromatosis.
  6. Do not allow someone to drink your blood as this could transfer your power to that person in a negative way.
  7. Use only clean and sterilized sharp object to poke your skin and you must disinfect the surface to prevent infection.
  8. While performing the ritual, you must be in control at all times, with your mind focused on directing the power of the blood used.


                               How To Work With Blood Spells

 The reason why blood is used is to charge the spells with enough energy. When this is carried out while reciting the right words, using the right herbs and oil, at the right place and in the right phase of the moon then the conjurer would get his heart desires.

 The use of blood in a spell is something very serious. I can’t tell you when and what spell you should use it for but I would suggest that blood spells be done only when an individual’s life or health is being threatened.

It might not be necessary to use a blood spell to protect non-living things. Let’s say you bought a car which you are so much in love with and wished it doesn’t crash or get stolen. Carrying out a blood spell for your car’s protection might not be necessary except if you wish to use same car for the rest of your life.  Is it even possible?  Hell No! So if you must protect inanimate things you can use other means such as amulets and talisman.  Same applies if a colleague or boss is bothering you.

Blood rituals will keep you and your loved ones alive, healthy, wealthy, and powerful. If you wish to practice blood spells then you can do it privately since most people have a phobia for such practice. If you must practice it in groups, ensure that the members are same minded.

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