The Different Practices Of Witchcraft

Witchcraft is the art of doing supernatural things due to the possession of extraordinary power which enables the individual to practice different witches’ spells and magic. This craft is very old as evidence of talismans and other sorcery items were found in archaeological sites.

Witchcraft is a fascinating way of life based on the rules of Mother Nature, the laws of the universe and the components of the universe such as the sun, the moon and the stars. Many people who follow a magical path have an innate magical ability and know how to handle it. But even if you do not have any special magic skills, you can learn witchcraft.

Types of Witchcraft

Gardnerian witchcraft:

This form of witchcraft was invented by Gerald Gardner and is focused on the worship of the goddess, horned god and honoring nature. Its followers celebrate eight major holidays.

Alexandrian witchcraft                      

This was invented by Alexander Sanders. It’s a strong form of witchcraft in Canada. The basis of this form of witchcraft is ceremonial and string magic.

Fairy tradition of witchcraft

Invented by Gwydion Pendderwen and Victor Anderson, this form of magic is common in the US.  It is a form of witchcraft that honors the forces of nature and other deities.

The teachings of Fairy Witchcraft focus on the Iron Pentacle and the Pearl Pentacle. Fertility, nature, life, rebirth and death are themes that are embodied in the form of gods.

Different Places Where One Can Learn Witchcraft


Books and other literature can help you learn witchcraft. You need a good book of shadows that describes your spells and forms the basis of your witchcraft. You can buy a book of shadows, where you can write down every experience and spell learnt. You can also buy different books on witchcraft.


On the Internet you can also learn about witchcraft, its history and about the various tools and ingredients used. The internet would teach you the magical properties of each element.

The internet offers hundreds, if not thousands of free spells to start with. These free spells also contain instructions for performing the rituals. They indicate what tools you need and what you have to say.

On the internet, you can also find good essays and articles that accurately explain the spiritual world. Finally, you’ll also find online stores where you can buy the tools you need ranging from herbs, candles, oil, etc.

Teaching and training:

If you know someone who practices magic, you could study and learn witchcraft from that person. Maybe there is a professional witch who needs an apprentice and you might consider working for her.

A professional or at least an experienced witch can help you learn the basics of magic within a few months. But even then, the learning goes even further.

It usually only takes a few months to understand witchcraft, rituals, and spells, regardless of whether you acquire your knowledge on your own or are trained by a witch or sorcerer. After which you can cast spells and create your own rituals.

If you’ve set a goal of becoming a professional witch, then you would need to know what’s needed to practice magic for others. You have to be able to pronounce effective spells.

The Witches and Their Rituals

Witches are often strong and successful people most times. They make things happen through the rituals they perform. Materials used for the rituals are collected from the home, from nature or from other people.


They have many tools that are used differently depending on the ritual being carried out. During spell casting, there are also words and phrases that need to be literally spoken to enhance the futility of the process.

Love spells are done very often as they are used to find a soul mate or bind two people together. The witches’ love spells are very strong and can last for a long time although, there comes a time when the spells wear off.

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