The Vortex is the best meditation for spiritual awakening and charka cleansing

Full Moon Ritual

The Vortex/Best Meditation Achieving Spiritual Awakening

Even just listening to this recording, you are negating your karma, and your chakras are  brought into balance, as the last mantras are bija mantras for the chakras.


Listen to over 200 different mantras on this powerful meditation.
The cd starts with a mantra saying…
I’m the divine vessel and all that follows will either directly or indirectly cover every single aspect of human existence

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 Full 60 minute Version

Ray says about the power of chanting …..
“…..when I began for the first year or so I was chanting the entire time I was awake and I would even wake and hear myself chanting in my sleep  I had many different experiences  I literally thought I was losing my mind.  Really.. I was having visitations and experiencing different lifetimes as a native American. In fact that first year everytime I went across wyoming once I got out of Cheyenne, I began sobbing uncontrollably as I was reliving a native American lifetime I had and I would be like that until I got to the Utah border….. it will totally drain your energy.. I was glad when that phase was over I can drive across Wyoming now and no problems.”
My coach and Vedic astrologer knew just what to say about the experience, and convinced me I was not going crazy but rather I was in the midst of a shamanic journey.
A final message from Ray….
“….the only thing I recommend to anyone is don’t listen when driving  you may fall asleep as you realize..  anyway  have a great day there   Namaste”


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Purchase the CD from Ray Tatro


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